How to Delete Individual Albums in iOS 8 Music App on iPhone/iPad

Apple screwed up big time in iOS 7 when it changed a few features in the Music app. For instance, the sort order in album-view became chronological so you had to scroll all the way to the bottom to listen to the new songs. Also, you couldn’t delete whole albums easily.

Fortunately, iOS 8 fixes these problems. At least, you can now delete entire albums with one simple swipe. Here’s more on it:

There are a ton of interesting, little-known features in iOS 8 that went unannounced during the Keynote. We’ve been covering them here as and when we stumble on and test them out. One of those features includes being able to delete entire albums instantly. This feature, as noted before, is missing in iOS 7.

How to Delete An Entire Album in iOS 8 Music App

From the music app:

Step #1. Open the Music app.

Step #2. Get to the album view (if it’s not on the bottom menu, tap on More.)

Step #3. Swipe left on any album you want to delete. There’s the Delete button. Tap on it and the album gets deleted.

Delete Entire Album in iOS 8 Music App

You can use this process to delete all songs under an Artist. Instead of heading into Albums, tap on Artists and repeat the process.

Delete Individual Albums in iOS 8 Music App

Turns out iOS 8 also brings some additional information in the settings app. Here’s what I am talking about.

On your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad, go to SettingsGeneralUsageManage StorageMusic and you’ll find that besides listing the overall space occupied by the Music app, there’s also an album-view. You’ll see how large every album is. It would be great if you could swipe the album list here to delete individual albums but that functionality is not working (at least, not for us.)

That’s all!

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