Latest Mac OS X El Capitan has delivered many new features and improvements that have made our daily operations very easy. Split View and Mission Control are best examples to prove the point. Apple has always delivered something innovative every time.

Mac OS X El Capitan is no different. Apart from user interface and fancy features, there are many improvements in performance segment, under the hood. Metal is one such performance improvement.

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How to Delete Files Permanently on Mac OS X El Capitan to Skip Trash

Metal is a new technology developed by Apple; it takes care of all graphics related requirements. By this technology your CPU performs faster, as the graphic processing part is well handled by Metal technology. Because of this, your CPU has enough room to perform other user interface related operations very smoothly.

Earlier we have discussed how to enable Split View in Mac OS X El Capitan. Here we will discuss how to delete files immediately by bypassing Trash. Before we move forward, we would like to give a word of advice; once you delete files by bypassing Trash, the files will be irrecoverable.

How to Permanently Delete Files in Mac OS El Capitan

Step #1. Click on the Finder from Dock at the bottom of the screen.

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Step #2. Select the file you want to delete.

Step #3. Click the File menu while holding the Option key on your keyboard.

Step #4. Click on “Delete Immediately” from the file menu.

Step #5. Confirm the operation when prompted by OS X.

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Step #6. Click on “Delete”; or “Cancel” in case you do not want to delete it permanently.

Permanently Delete Files in Mac OS El Capitan

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As an easy alternative, you can also use Option + Command + Delete from keyboard to delete the file quickly.