deGeo iPhone App: Remove Location from iPhone Photos

deGeo iPhone App Review

Removing metadata from the photos you clicked on your iPhone can be done on your computer. But what if you want to do that on the iPhone itself?

deGeo is a new iPhone app on the block that aims to help you remove location metadata from all your photos (in the camera roll and other albums.) It goes a step further by letting you share the processed image/photo with your friends, on social networking channels and more. Here’s more about deGeo.

deGeo iPhone App Review

If you have your location services enabled, and if you let the Camera access your location, all the photos that you click will be tagged with the location.

This is a nice feature because it helps you filter your photos not just based on the date but also based on location. Further, location data helps you get exact locations of where a particular photo was clicked.

But this same data can be either an unnecessary extra or a security risk if you are sharing them over to the large audience. Say, if you’re sharing it on Twitter or Facebook, a lot of people have access to the photo – and thus, to its metadata.

If you are sharing photos within a close circle of friends, removing metadata isn’t all that necessary. But if you are sharing it on public social networks, it might be safer to remove location data.

That’s exactly what deGeo helps you do. While there are other apps to do the same thing, deGeo is by far the easiest and the simplest app we’ve seen that gets the job done. Here’s how it works:

  • deGeo removes all EXIF data. This means not only is the location data removed, but every other meta associated with a picture
  • There’s a dynamic interface whose background changes according to the photo you selected. Very beautiful (a timeless classic interface effect) to look at
  • When you share any photo via deGeo it will always remove all the EXIF data, the user does not have to do anything
  • Photo sharing to a lot of services including: Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Instagram, iMessage/SMS, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr
  • You can also email, print or AirDrop the photo from within deGeo

Price: $0.99
Download deGeo

That’s all!

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