Personally, I'm pretty fond of deep colors. That's why; picking up a new iPhone with a hot design has always been one of the top notched ideas for me.

Recently, a rumor suggested that Apple is preparing to get rid of space gray iPhone in place of a deep or dark blue iPhone 7. Being just hearsay, we didn't give much significance to it.

Blue iPhone 7 Concept Design

Deep Blue iPhone 7 Concept Design

However, when Mockup Designer Martin Hajek introduced some pretty attractive iPhone 7 renderings in a dark blue color, we just couldn't take the eyes off them. Really. The cool renderings have already charmed us…!

Deep Blue iPhone 7 Concept

Dark Blue iPhone 7 Concept

Deep Blue iPhone 7 Concept by Martin Hajek

Dark Blue iPhone 7 Concept by Martin Hajek

Deep Blue iPhone 7 Concept Design

Apple is all set to launch iPhone 7 this fall. In terms of design, the next-gen iPhone will look quite similar to iPhone 6s. Nevertheless, there are some exciting features that the next flagship device will come with.

The 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus is expected come with the dual camera and 3GB RAM. Some antenna bands could be removed, and the smartphones will start with 32GB.

According to various reports, the upcoming iPhone may feature smart connector and four speaker-grills. Based on the several reports that the flagship device won't have a lot of new features to show off, analysts have predicted an ordinary year for the smartphone about sales.

The 2017 iPhone is reported to come with a number of stunning features such as all-new design, edge-to-edge display, etc. The front-facing camera and fingerprint scanner will be embedded in the screen of iPhone 8.

Thanks to the several breakthrough features, the 2017 iPhone has already begun to hog more limelight than the iPhone 7. No wonder, there is a bit less curiosity for the forthcoming handset among fans.

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