Survey Among Americans Finds Low Awareness For Refurbished Phones

Refurbished iPhones and other mobile brand market survey reveals astonishing details. Apple iPhone owners lack of features knowledge revealed. Refurbished phones can save money and is indeed true value for money preposition.

Americans sure fancy for latest iPhones and other branded smartphones. But, how many among them are aware that refurbished Apple iPhones and other smartphone brands can help for most of them to save them good Dollars?

A recent survey by Decluttr (a website selling CDs, DVDs, Games, mobiles, and accessories) on 2000 US 18+ age group smart phone-owning consumers astonishingly found that only 6% Americans owned refurbished phones.

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Survey Finds Apple iPhone and Other Smartphone Brand Owners Lack of Knowledge

It also uncovered popular misconceptions that 64% American consumers thought refurbished phones would not work or things would go wrong with them. Yet another group of Americans (44%) feel refurbished devices carried no warranties. There was a significant percentage – 36% Americans, which felt that refurbished mobiles lacked a new model’s feel or freshness.

One notable fact indicated that a small percentage of Americans currently own a refurbished smartphone; 51% among them were keen to consider purchasing a refurbished device thus saving money.

Another interesting pointer found among Americans was about the functional knowledge of the particular phone model possessed.

Below is the graph showing the survey respondent’s ability to identify their owned Apple or Samsung brand mobile phone model’s each possessed.

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Phone Owners who identify their own devices
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Decultrr survey on this count said Americans found the iPhone 7 and the flagship iPhone XR – the hardest among devices to be identified while only 44% of people knowing which Apple iPhone model they possessed. Surprisingly, Samsung Galaxy S9+ topped in device recognition by an overwhelming 71% of respondents.

Among Apple users, only 14% of iPhone XR, XS and X owners knew that their device has NFC (Near Field Communications) – capabilities, whereas just over half of iPhone XS, XS Max and X owners are aware that their cell phone is water-resistant, the report mentioned.

Now, moving back to buying refurbished Apple iPhone or any other smartphone brand which is indeed a ‘true value for money’ preposition; here are a few points to remember:

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  • Battery Health
  • Screen
  • Data Security
  • Other mobile Functionalities
  • Warranties

And friends, in case this interests you to turn in your old Apple iPhone for a new one, check our guide.

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