Dear MKBHD, Apple Ecosystem is Too Lush Green to Look Beyond!

Apple ecosystem offers the seamless experience that’s not available outside the walled garden. Though there can be a few highs here and there, it's only Apple's ever-growing ecosystem that can bring in uniformity in the fast-paced life where everyone is too busy in their respective lives to dabble on too many stuff!

Unmatched performance, ultimate security, and seamless experience are what define Apple ecosystem. And once you get deep into it, you feel enriched knowing the best in the business is at your disposal!

Having had a long run with Windows, when I eventually switched to macOS, I realized what I had missed all these years. Despite the recent push to outmatch Macs, Windows PCs still can’t convince (on a large scale) pro users to get along. As for the ones who adore simplicity and efficiency, MacBooks continue to be fabulous.

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Apple Ecosystem Caters to the Utmost Interest to Users

It’s been several years since I embraced the iPhone. Though there have been some moments of disappointments, they are few and far between.

But those lows never compelled me to ditch iPhone—not even for a moment. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried out some of the most significant rivals of iPhone. Lashed with high-end specs, they are launched to take Apple’s flagship head on. But even before the dust settles on them, they seem to completely get lost in translation. And, what’s left behind is nothing but sluggish performance and the long wait for the next iteration!

Why Would I Ever Want to Ditch the Best?

Three things make a smartphone really smart: advance apps, advanced apps, and only advance apps. And it’s no secret that apps look at their very best only on iOS. They run smoothly and are designed to take the utmost advantage of the most secure operating system.

The lethal combo of top-notch hardware and superior OS makes iPhone and iPad such a huge asset for the folks who are enamored by rich performance.

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Often times, people say that Apple’s devices are too expensive. To some extent, I agree with the saying. But everyone looks at the money he has to pay upfront and very few give heed to the adorable service Apple offers later.

For instance, if you buy a new iPhone today, you will continue to get latest iOS updates up to 5 years. That means; you will be able to use around 95% new iOS features. Now, compare it with Samsung Galaxy S8, which received Android Oreo update just a month ago. For those unfamiliar, Oreo was first released as an alpha quality developer preview in March 2017 and launched to the public on August 21, 2017.

Well, you can argue that Google offers quick updates to the Pixel smartphones for up to three years so why not try it out. Frankly speaking, Pixel is the finest Android smartphone regarding reliability and performance. And I have always appreciated my interaction with it. But again, it can’t go head-to-head against a powerhouse like iPhone.

Let’s face it, when you have the best camera, excellent performance, highly optimized apps and more importantly, the unparalleled security, you would hardly have time to experiment with something that doesn’t make a great match.

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A Peek At Apple Watch, Apple TV, Apple Music and HomePod’s Success

Just recently Apple Watch surpassed Fitbit to become world’s largest wearable device. It just goes on to show how far the smartwatch has traveled in just about three years!

Though Apple TV may not have beaten its rivals, it continues to be loyal to millions of thanks to the several impressive features.

Apple Music hasn’t yet completed three years, but it has already got more than 40 million paid subscribers. As per latest reports, it’s going to surpass Spotify– the market leader– very soon in the US.

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“Earlier this year, Spotify announced that it had 70 million paying subscribers, reaffirming its place as the number one streaming service in the world, with Apple Music a distant second with 30 million as of September last year. In a new report in The Wall Street Journal, it appears that Apple is gaining subscribers at a higher rate in the United States, and will surpass Spotify for the number one spot this summer.”The Verge (Feb 4, 2018)

HomePod has just arrived, and everyone knows that it’s got the best sound. Of course, it’s not at par with other speakers regarding skill. But take a breath, allow it to refine itself. You would find out about it at the peak soon.

Tell Me Where I Can Have the Seamless Performance that Apple Ecosystem Offers?

Dear MKBHD, today’s buyers have gotten very smart. They are much more informed and know the exact value of a product. They don’t mind paying a hefty price for something that promises to offer them desired stuff. But they think hundreds of times to buy cheap products if they don’t serve their purpose.

A highly useful channel like yours plays a great role in making people aware of what can live up to their demand. Had a $100 smartphone been able to stand up to the task of power users, why would there be so of much craving for a $1000 iPhone X? Had a $150–$250 iPhone X-look alike Android phones be able to charm everyone else, why would people still want to take a glimpse of Apple’s magnum opus?

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Today’s buyers know exactly what they are buying (in most cases) and what it’s worth. That’s why the high price tag and walled ecosystem just don’t matter to them. Because they truly know that their primary purpose is fully satisfied and they are too engrossed in the unified marriage to hear the noise bustling outside!

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
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