I’d sure like to wake up to something inspiring. Every morning, the alarm clock ticks and I do hit snooze before deciding that it’s going to get late. Waking up in the morning – a cold morning, notably – is one of the most difficult things humans have been facing ever since we decided to start working early in the mornings.

But Henry Kurtze, the creator of the DayDream app, wants to change that. With his iPhone app, he wants to wake you up to a set of eternally gleeful and inspirational quotes from the likes of Oscar Wilde. His DayDream app, released just today, will help you wake up without feeling tired, without being reluctant.

There have been plenty of alarm clocks on the App Store, some of them being very popular like Rise – a minimalist alarm clock. Day Dream Alarm iPhone App ReviewAlarm iPhone AppBest Alarm iPhone App DayDreamDayDream app isn’t very different but I am guessing that you’ll like it for its ease of use. The app has a set of custom tones that are easy on the ears (right in the morning when you’d prefer a soft yet rising music). It’s relatively simple to set up an alarm (there’s a quick guide-through when you use the app for the first time). You can choose your snooze times.

The app shows a large clock with a F/C temperature reading at the bottom: neatly stacked pieces of information.

Setting Up an Alarm

Setting up an alarm is pretty easy and it follows a traditional approach so you don’t have to learn a new swipe trick to get stuff done (like in many new minimalist apps).

  • You tap the alarm icon on the top-right and you are taken to a blank-screen (first time).
  • Tap on the “+” icon and set an alarm time (set the Music too)
  • Set the repeat frequencies and snooze time and you’re done.

You’ll notice that you can set different snooze times for different alarm settings; something that I’m guessing would be quite useful.

Features of Day Dream Alarm iPhone App

  • The night-mode puts a dimmed but brilliant specter of the Milky Way: it’s such a pleasing thing to look at.
  • No matter what the weather is outside your window, DayDream wants to wake you up to a blue sky with floating clouds. I must admit that as you keep watching the clouds go about, it’s kind of mesmerizing. If only the text was smaller, you’d be taken in by the graphic.
  • I am a fan of Oscar Wilde so I guess I’d always find some solace and inspiration in his quotes. I hope the app has got quotes from other people too.

Overall, the app is worthy of your time and $0.99. It’s one of those alarm clocks you would probably love to wake up to.

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