“Dark Mode List” Marathon Collection of iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps with Dark Mode – 2019

With Dark Mode List, you can quickly take a peek at all the iOS and macOS apps that support dark mode in 2019. If you are someone who enjoys using your device at night, you must keep a tab on the ever-growing list to take the full advantage of your favorite apps.

Dark Mode is an instant hit on the iPhone and iPad. But its popularity seems to have jumped onto the seventh moon on the iPhone X!

There are a couple of main reasons why everyone seems to be smitten by the dark theme. First, it feels a lot soothing to the eyes. And the second, it saves plenty of juice on the device.

Dark Mode List: Huge Collection of Dark Mode Supported iPhone, iPad, and Mac Apps of 2019

While a good number of apps support dark mode, there are many apps, which are yet to embrace it. Considering how much love it’s getting, many of you would be willing to keep an eye on the apps that offer the support of night mode, wouldn’t you?

Meet the Dark Mode List that helps you stay updated with all the apps that have embraced dark mode. With just a glance, you can come to know whether your favorite app has got a dark theme or not.

iOS 11 Already Has Smart Invert, So Why Would You Be So Curious About Dark Mode Support in Individual Apps?

After a long wait, iOS 11 has got dark mode to help you use your device more comfortably at night. And, you can use it on your device (including all the apps) to make viewing a lot easy on the eyes.

But, wouldn’t it be better if all the apps had the support of dark theme as it would allow you to enable the feature on an app basis? For instance, I like to take a peek at all the comments and the latest tweets from my friends and followers before hitting the bed at night. Hence, I use Night Mode on Twitter instead of the Smart Invert. When I can solve a problem more comfortably with just a tiny pin, there is no need to ask for a rocket launcher!

Dark Mode a Must Have for iPhone X

Though Dark Mode works fairly well on all iOS devices, which have LCD/LED display, it’s at its very best on the OLED display of iPhone X.

LCD/LED displays need a backlight to illuminate their pixels. Besides, their control over the level of brightness across the screen is limited. To show black, the pixel grid has to work a lot harder to block all the light behind it; thereby wasting a lot of energy.

In contrast, OLED’s pixels generate their own light, and its brightness can be immaculately controlled on a pixel-by-pixel basis. Hence, you have unmatched contrast ratio on OLED display. And that plays a big role in preserving the battery on iPhone X.

So, How Many Apps Are Currently Supporting the Dark Mode?

Currently, only 65 iOS apps have the support of night mode. Some of the most popular apps are Fantastical 2, Twitter, Tweetbot 4, Omnifocus 2, Reddit, Twitterific 5, Beam, Telegram, Telegram X, Reader 3, Newsify, etc.

The site also shows Mac apps, which support dark mode. So, if you are using macOS, you can keep a tab on the apps, which work with this feature.

Worthy of your Attention!

Dark Mode List is worth having a glance, isn’t it? You no longer have to dig into the lengthy description to find whether an app offers night mode support or not. Though it may not be the main reason why you would want to buy or use an app, it’s certainly an important component—especially if you use your device a lot at night.

Visit: DarkModeList.com

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