Another week opens up and another set of Cydia tweaks for our readers.

It’s interesting how new tweaks continuously get added over a short time. And not just some random tweak that’s crappy at best but really awesome tweaks that add some jazz to the overall features of your iPhone.

We’ve got a ton of Cydia tweaks covered already – and to think that we really started only after Evasi0n is amazing! But the coolest thing about post-jailbreak time is that you get to discover new tweaks, test them out and play around with them.

Here’s one more pack of interesting Cydia tweaks to try:

cydia tweaks

Reveal is an old tweak, no doubt, but it got updated just recently. It lets you read the entire message / notification right from the lockscreen. All you do is install the tweak and when a notification comes in (on the LS), you just swipe up to scroll through. The whole message is shown within that tiny frame. Simple but elegant.

Tap to Widgets
We’ve covered Tap to Widgets already and it’s now insanely popular. Alan ran a giveaway too for the tweaks. Tap to Widgets works very much like the usual ‘Tap to Tweet’ by Apple. You can use the tweaks to add reminders, scribble notes and check the calendar right from the notification center. Yup, it’s an NC tweak.

Crescent is a little add-on for Siri. With Crescent installed, you can just tell Siri to enable “Do Not Disturb” and it will be enabled for you. By default, Siri isn’t bestowed with such power but Crescent makes it possible. If you find yourself using DND frequently, I guess this tweak would be helpful.

Small Banner is again a very old tweak but it’s as good as any new tweak that comes up. It shortens the banner notifications so their height is just as much as the status bar itself. This way, you still get to press the buttons on the top bar of an app even when a notification comes in. SmallBanner saves a lot of frustration actually.

DefaultSBPage actually stirred some spicy discussion on Twitter but it’s a neat little tweak with a single purpose: open the Springboard page of your choice when you unlock the LS. The idea is to bypass the default behavior of your iPhone when you unlock it.

Compose has already been covered on our blog but it’s a tweak worth mentioning twice or more. Compose puts a ‘New Mail’ and a ‘New Message’ widget on the Notification Center. Tap this and you are taken to a new mail compose window or a new message window (message window appears within the Notification Center actually). Talk about an easy way to tap new messages and mails.

Boover is one heck of an app. If you didnt know about it an year back when it was released, you should definitely check it out now. It lets you customize the position, size and the number on your app badgets! Simply fantastic!

Want to change the alert tone for the various push notifications you get? You can customize that sound for every app using a tweak called PushTone. Again, it’s an old app which got updated quite recently. For tone customizers, this is a must-have.

If you think that the camera bar on the camera app is actually causing a bit of a distraction, you can make it translucent so it just stops coming in the way of a good photograph.

MusicHUD is a cool tweak that’s aimed at making it darn easy to toggle music right from the springboard. It shows up the music album art and meta data in a similar way to the volume heads-up display. Pretty functional with all the swipe and tap configurations that you get in the settings.