Jailbreaking your device unlocks number of possibilities to customize your device, your way. Jailbreaking is one of the most awaited update iOS users always look for. After iOS 8.4.1 was updated to iOS 9, users were stuck without Jailbreak.

Users were getting impatient waiting for developers to release untethered Jailbreak for iOS 9. To everyone's surprise, iOS 9 was finally Jailbroken by Pangu team. The tool is currently available for Windows users, and soon expected to be released for Mac users.

Cydia Tweaks Not Showing in Settings

People simply rushed over internet to download and Jailbreak their devices, without giving a second thought of what to do after Jailbreaking. It was just the Jailbreak that was available, not the tweaks. Developers need time to update their tweaks to make them compatible with iOS 9.

When you install Cydia tweaks, most of them show up in the Settings app, under a separate list which consists of only tweaks. This helps you change the tweak according your preferences.

However, if you are not seeing any tweak in the Settings app, obviously something is wrong with Cydia. Most cases, there's nothing to panic. It's just either a matter of a broken tweak or a failed update. Here's how to fix the problem.

One of the basic tweak, which is expected to run all other tweaks is PreferenceLoader. Without PreferenceLoader, you will not be able to customize any tweak. Basic job of PreferenceLoader app is to provide a space to your tweaks under Settings app for customizing their options.

The tweak was not compatible with iOS 9 until yesterday, thanks to the developer; PreferenceLoader is updated to work with iOS 9. All you need to do is to hit the Cydia app → Changes and update PreferenceLoader to 2.2.3-1 version. It is recommended to restart your device after updating PreferenceLoader.

To fix PreferenceLoader, here's what you need to do:

  • Open Cydia.
  • Tap on Sources.
  • Look for PreferenceLoader.
  • If you don't find one, search for it in Cydia and install it.
  • If you do find one (which is the norm), tap on it and tap Modify from top-right
  • Now, tap on Re-install.
  • After this, you reboot your device.

All this usually fixes the problem and you should see the tweaks appear in the Settings tab.

However, in case this doesn't fix your issue, things could be bad with the Cydia installation itself. A lot many times, this problem is accompanied by the iDevice freezing, by some tweaks not working properly, widgets disappearing. Well, that's a whole lot of symptoms that says you should re-jailbreak your device to get them working properly.

Of course, before you rejailbreak you should first make sure it's not one of the tweaks. Update all tweaks and then turn off tweaks through safe-mode just to test if it's a tweak causing all the problem.

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  • Gaga Gabunia

    after installing cheats screen is crashing … please help me

  • Sarah Zdan

    Help!!! Cydia apps are not showing up in settings ios 8.3 :(

    • Jake Boulet

      Same here..I’m restoring my iPad right now.

  • Lokin Gala

    i did the above steps to see tweaks in setting but i cant still see any tweaks in my settings i am using ios 8.3

  • purna

    I didn’t find mobile substrate on iOS 8.3 jailbreak so can you guys help me

  • Revvin4Se7en

    On iOS 8.3 I can’t seem to find any of my tweaks

    • It happens because compatibility issue of Cydia Substrate with iOS 8.3

      • Tom Reacher

        so we need to wait for the developers to make them compatible with 8.3?

      • Josh

        Then what can we do to fix it?

      • sam xaxua

        how to sovle it my issue is same jailbreak ios 8.3 not showing tweaks in setting

      • RichiePlayz247

        how do we see if they are comepatible?

      • Brandon Southland

        so is there anything you can do about it right now or have to wait for an update

        • TaiG has released another update to its iOS 8.3 jailbreak tool. I would suggest to rejailbreak using this tool. It may fix your issue.

  • nikhil

    ya its absolutely working

  • Δημήτρης Μήτσης

    pls help me…i reinstall cydia but i cant delete the old cydia apps because they arent in cydia with reinstall…what i should do to delete the apps..?

    • Reinstall all the packages/tweaks from the new Cydia. These will
      over-write the existing files. Then, if some tweak doesn’t work, remove
      it from Cydia and then re-install it again. If none of this works, you
      might have to restore your iOS device and then re-jailbreak it.

  • Ibby


    hi, i have had the same problem and now i have fixed it,
    Open– CYDIA
    Click– PACKAGES
    Click– SIMPLE on top right hand corner (once you do that it will turn to EXPERT)
    Find– MOBILE SUBSTRATE Click it then click MODIFY top right hand corner and REINSTALL
    Now find PREFERENCE LOADER in the same list and do the same REINSTALL it

    • Stefan Viegas

      It worked Thank you so much!!

    • worked like a charm. order matters, after all.

  • Δημήτρης Μήτσης

    i cant find everything with the new uptades…how i can reinstall cydia..?

    • At the moment, it would be better to just re-jailbreak using evasi0n7. Just plug your iPhone, run the evasi0n7 tool.

      • Fouad

        what do you mean with re-jailbreak? restoring ios 7.0.4 and jailbreaking again? or just running the jailbreak process again?

        • No just re-run evasi0n7. No need to restore.

  • Cody Behr

    ok so I did all of this, I changed my status to hacker, looked up preferenceloader, reinstalled it, it told me to restart my springboard so I did, and then I rebooted my device, with still no luck

    • Did you try re-installing Mobile Substrate too? If nothing works, try re-jailbreaking.

      • khmer boy

        sorry sir! on my iphone i didn’t see apple store after i installed many thing frome cydia

  • Jordan

    I’m currently on ipad mini on ios 7.0.4 & having the same problem, I’ve reinstalled preferenceLoader and it’s made no difference, do you have any other ideas? Or do I wait for an update?

    • Can you try rejailbreaking using the updated Evasi0n7? Also, was the iOS
      updated over the air? If yes, upgrade via iTunes (restore). And then
      try jailbreaking again.

  • Patrick3233

    Hey nothing works man. So as last option i need to re-jailbreak?

  • Dawie Fouche

    Must you unjailbreak to re-jailbreak? I`m running IOS 7

    • No. There is no unjailbreaking per se. Just run Evasi0n7 once again.

  • Mazz

    Thanks !!
    Works for me

  • vincent b

    Ok, so to be able to see tweaks, like Zeppelin and a few others that you have to control using settings. We have to wait until evasi0n7 gets updated? I’m on iPhone 5 w/ iOS 7.0.4

    • Actually, re-installing Mobile Substrate and PreferenceLoader usually
      fixes the issue. Did you upgrade Cydia and then re-install Mobile

  • Ahmed

    I reinstalled the loader, but still nothing in my settings. Someone help please..
    I have a iPhone 4s running iOS 7 with the new evasi0n jailbreak

    • It’s because of iOS 7. Cydia, Mobile Substrate and other tweaks aren’t
      yet completely compatible with iOS7 jailbreak. We’ll have to wait till
      evasi0n7 gets updated.

  • siuagdiufh

    I jailbroke my ipod touch 5th generation on ios 7.0 but no tweaks are showing up and the first time i did it but i forgot to take off the passcode and the jailbreak froze so i just stopeed the jailbreak and re did it! My brother jailbroke his iphone and the first time it worked and the tweaks popped up

  • dsfssd;ladf dasslkladdsa

    i cant find PreferenceLoader anywhere

    • AnonymousGenius111 .

      Cydia-Manage- then click manage on the top left- click settings on the top left- at the Who are you? screen set it as hacker. NOW search for it. That should fix your problem.

      • Δημήτρης Μήτσης

        i did this,but with the new updatee there arent here…!!! I should reinstall cydia..??

        • PreferenceLoader is available on Cydia. I dont know why it’s missing for
          some people. Try re-jailbreaking or if you skipped the upgrade on
          Cydia, try upgrading Cydia. Hit Refresh (in Changes tab) and Cydia will
          prompt you for an upgrade.

    • obaid

      go to manage and change your account to hacker or devolaper and u will find …prefaranceloader.. thanks

  • ViNCi

    Okey, but i did rejailbreak and there is the same problem ….
    Barrel tweak disappear in about 2 minutes after install :(

    • May be it’s something to do with servers and updates. Did you update all other tweaks?