The Camera on the iPhone (5, 4S, 4) is a work of art actually. You know there’s this discussion about how Android smartphones have much better and powerful cameras and stuff like that but I really think Apple did a great job (before the Android crowd took the cue) in making sure the smartphone camera (iSight) was given ample focus. No pun intended.

But the funny thing is, although the camera’s pretty good and smart with auto-focus abilities, it falls short in features. For example, you don’t even have a timer in the Camera app. And what really bugs me is that I had to spend a lot of time trying to nail down a good shutter-time controller app from the App Store.

I knew that if I had a jailbroken iPhone, all that time could’ve been saved. And right after I jailbroke my iPhone with Evasi0n, it became clear that the floodgates were open: I got a bunch of Cydia apps for iPhone stock camera app that would last me this lifetime. I sure hope they add more but for the moment, here are five of the best camera tweaks you’ll find on Cydia for iOS 6. These are compatible with iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 too.

5 Best iPhone Camera Cydia Tweaks:

1. CameraTweakCameraTweak for iPhone Camera

CameraTweak empowers your basic stock Camera app. It comes with a few features done right. You can have separate focus and exposure modes so the photos are crisper and better. And then there’s the much-needed timer modes for both video and photos. There’s also the white balance lock.

The tweak sells for $0.99.
Compatibility: iOS 6, iPhone 5, 4, 4S, 3GS (Not for iPad)
Available on BigBoss Repo.

2. CamTimeCamtime Cydia Tweak

May be CameraTweak is a little too much for your requirements. All you needed was just the timer? Well, that can be arranged. CamTime is a tweak that lets you set a timer for the shutter. Interestingly, CamTime doesn’t work just with the stock Camera app. It works with any place where you use the iPhone camera. This means you can use it on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr… wherever you use the camera, you can set the timer.

CamTime is a free tweak available on BigBoss Repo.
Compatibility: iPhone ( iPad not supported). Works on iOS 6.

3. KameraLaunch iPhone Camera from Notification Center

Kamera makes things much easier. It’s not a camera tweak precisely but it lets you access both the front and rear cameras quickly, right from the Notification Center. The idea is to allow you to open the camera faster. If it takes about 5-7 seconds to open the front camera the traditional way, Kamera will reduce that time by half. We did a post on Kamera here.

Available on ModMyi repo for free.
Compatible with iPhones (no iPad) and runs on iOS 6.x.

Below is a quick video on how to access Camera from notification center:

4. CamFast (requires Activator)

Kamera pretty much does the trick but how about even faster with activator commands? That’s what CamFast is all about. It’s a neat little tweak (which requires Activator) that launches your stock camera from anywhere. You can choose the gesture from Settings -> Activator and this will be triggered no matter which screen you are on.

Available on BigBoss repo for free.
Compatible with iPhone and iPad and runs on iOS 6.

5. InstaSnapInstasnap Cydia Tweak

InstaSnap is from the same dev as Kamera and it has a similar functionality to the latter. The basic idea is to let you open Instagram’s camera faster, from the notification center. The tweak lets you place a “Tap to Snap” button on the NC. This triggers the Instagram camera so you can instantly access it for those special moments that are epic.

Available on ModMyi repo for free.
Compatible with iPhone and works on iOS 6.