Every now and then when we launch Cydia, it takes a lot of time in refreshing data. There are certain times Cydia gets stuck at “Realoding Data” which doesn’t make a good impression on users. And if patience is not one of your virtues, you would easily get annoyed waiting for it to refresh its data.

There have been many occasions, I had no other option but to quit Cydia as I couldn’t afford to wait for it to reload its data before letting me install any tweak or add repo. So, isn’t there any fix to this bug?

Cydia Stuck on Reloading Data on iPhone or iPadThese are some possible reasons of Cydia refresh issues:

#1. There are some repos which contain too many bugs.

#2. As Cydia store all the packages locally and have to keep their records up to date, reloading data become a bit tedious task.

#3. Many repos aren’t quite responsive offline. Hence, when they return online they take some good time in refreshing their data.

#4. Too many third party repos which you have added to Cydia might also be the prime culprits.

Now that you have known the reasons behind Cydia Reloading Data error, let’s move ahead to troubleshoot it quickly!

How to Fix Cydia Stuck on Reloading Data Issue

Step #1. Launch Cydia.

Step #2. Tap on Sources from the bottom.

Step #3. Scroll down till you see the source with spinning refresh icon. It might be the cause of issue. Getting rid of this source can fix the issue immediately.

Cydia Repo Refreshing(It’s always advisable to take backup. So, if you don’t want to remove this repo address permanently, you can take its screenshot or simply pen it down to reinstall it later.)

Step #4. Swipe left on the repo you want to remove and then tap on Delete.

Delete Cydia Repo from iPhoneThat’s it! Hopefully, this issue has been resolved. What’s your take on it? Do share your thoughts on it.