The more you get into the world of Cydia tweaks and jailbreak iOS mods, the more you realize that it’s a bottomless pit. But it’s one of the most exciting bottomless pits in the industry where you get to theme your iPhone to your liking, starting from the lockscreen to the dock icons to the way your iPhone behaves.

Discovering new tweaks, new themes, new mods and upcoming stuff is an exciting thing in itself. Cydia forums are a great place to start with if you are in the groove for some cool tweak discovery. And forums are also great when you run into jailbreak errors.

Cydia Forums

For any error or troubleshooting with your jailbroken iDevice, I’d recommend that this be the first place you turn to. JailbreakQA is an active and very supportive community where you get all kinds of solutions for fixing jailbreak errors. This is obviously a forum dedicated to solving issues rather than to serve as a place for discovering new tweaks. It’s got almost all the answers you’ll need to troubleshoot jailbreak issues.

Visit: JailbreakQA

ModMyi Forum
ModMyi serves as the best place to get your daily iOS jailbreak and Cydia tweak fix. ModMyi posts routinely about new jailbreak tweaks and the forum has a lot of users talking about these tweaks, compatibility, red-flags to note and more.

Go to: ModMyi Forum

iPhonehacks Forums
One more exciting forums for Cydia tweaks and jailbreak error troubleshooting, the forums at iPhonehacks is simple while not as active or populated as ModMyi. The folks over at iPhonehacks run a blog that often leans towards jailbreak and Cydia much more. I found some great solutions on this forum for jailbreaking issues that have not been addressed elsewhere.

Log on to: iPhonehacks

iFans Forums
The iOS Jailbreak and Customization sub-forums of iFans forums is a great place to discover new Cydia tweaks. While not as active as other forums out of this group, this forum is more neatly organized and neat. There are also some discussions that relate to fixing jailbreak-related issues.

Visit: iFans Forums

Reddit’s /r/Jailbreak
Reddit’s /r/jailbreak subreddit is a popular hangout for us. It has the latest scoop on jailbreak errors, on new tweaks and most importantly, developers of tweaks and mods participate in discussions here. Got an eye on a tweak but want to find out if it’s working good for others? This is where you should be checking out.

Go to: Reddit

Obviously, there are more forums specifically targeting Cydia and jailbreak. We’d love to add them to this list and keep it updated. If you’d like to help us, drop a comment with the URL of the forum and we’ll add it here if it’s good. In meantime you may like to refer our list of iPhone forums.

  • urrl

    Jailbroken under 8.3 but I miss the tweak from 8.1 where you can tap and not press the home button. Anyone remember the name of this tweak?

  • Joh Drinda

    I jailbroke my iPad, I installed Cydia, AppCake and with iFunbox and had USB access to iPad.

    Yet, then I installed vShare, but since it is/ as bad as AppleStore, I deleted it. Yet, since then I cannot connect iFunbox to iPad, albeit I click “trust” access on PC. Suddenly it asks for iTunes, again…

    I wonder what prevents it from connecting to iFunbox?

    Warm Regards, from young pensioner (74) Johannes in St’go de Chile

  • tommy

    hi i have the iphone 6 which i have just jailbroken but every time i go to movie box it directs me to app store any way around this thanks