Cycloramic iPhone App v3 – Panorama Photo Editing!

Cycloramic iPhone App

Cycloramic made heads turn (along with iPhone 5, of course) when it was first released. Back then it had one simple but astounding feature: it could rotate the iPhone 5 automatically and capture panorama videos.

Now, Cycloramic has got a ton of new features added this time. Besides being able to rotate the iPhone 5 automatically – which, in itself, is a brilliant feat – Cycloramic now lets you take panorama photos and videos on your iPhone 4 and 4S.

Cycloramic iPhone App v3

This new feature, however, doesn’t come with the automatic thing (the handsfree mode) for 4 and 4S.

Cycloramic iPhone App

Here are the new features of Cycloramic iPhone App at a glance:

  • The app will now run on iPhone 4 and 4S too besides iPhone 5
  • Cycloramic will take Panoramic photos and videos on iPhone 4 and 4S
  • The best thing is the guided panorama where the app clearly guides you through the panorama video/photo
  • Handsfree panorama on iPhone 5 works as good as ever but this time, the app will also take Panorama Photos.

Cycloramic’s panorama capture mode lets you decide how much you want to capture. You can do 360deg or up to 1080deg (three full rotations) with photos going up to 16,000px.

Panorama Photo Editing

But perhaps what’s even better is the Panoramic Photo Maker suite containing the editing and filters. Here’s what you can do with the photos you capture:

  • Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth
  • Enhance through sharpening, blurring etc
  • Add text or shapes over the panorama photos
  • Crop, rotate, flip
  • Add a ton of filters to the panorama photos

Photo Library and Individual Photos of the Panorama

Unlike many other photo apps, Cycloramic does better management of the photos you take with the app. Instead of dumping them all in a separate album or in your camera roll, Cycloramic stores them safe and organized so you have better access to your panorama photos and videos. Also, the album is optimized for panorama photos.

If you’re a little geekier than normal, you’ll find one more interesting and useful feature: all individual shots that make up the panorama photo are saved so you can get them too!

Cycloramic is on the App Store, up for grabs for $1.99.


That’s all folks!

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