Cycloramic: iPhone 5 App Review

Cycloramic iPhone 5 App

By now, you’re probably aware that there’s an app that rotates your iPhone 5 and captures amazing panoramic videos. If not, here’s that app.

The Cycloramic App for iPhone 5 is built specifically for the iPhone 5. It’s a simple piece of an app that lets you capture panoramic videos – 360, 720, 1080 degrees – hands-free! That’s the special feature: you don’t have to touch the iPhone at all.

Cycloramic: Capture Handsfree 360 Degree Panorama Videos in iPhone 5

The app uses the internal vibrating motors to control the movements of the iPhone 5. Or in simpler terms, the app rotates the iPhone 5 automatically and captures the video along with the rotation. The only downside is that it doesn’t record the sound yet but in the upcoming version, it looks like they’ll easily be added.

Panoramic Videos are Great: Photos, Greater!

Panoramic videos are great but most of the time, those videos are captured by hand. It’s photos, on the other hand, are stitched by the camera app (in iPhone 4S and 5) and that makes an interesting thing. The folks behind the Cycloramic app have stated that the next update will contain a Panoramic photo feature – which means you’ll have a huge photo that can be 360, 720 or even 1080 degrees!

How Does it Work?

  • You need a totally flat surface that lets the iPhone 5 rotate smoothly. This means it’s going to be polished glass or very smooth wooden table
  • Start the app
  • Choose the amount of rotation
  • Place the iPhone 5 vertically (portrait mode)
  • Tap on ‘GO’ and the rotation will begin after a count of 3
  • Once the rotation is complete, the app will save the recorded video to your camera roll

As simple as that and you get it all for a dollar. Currently, this is the only feature the app is capable of but videos with sound, pictures are up on the to-do list.


Where would it be useful? Oh, lots of places. That party, in the restaurant, at home when your friends/relatives are visiting you, or all by yourself. You should see the look on the face of your friends when you first show them an automatically rotating iPhone 5!


That’s all, mate! Do share your feedback with us in the comment below.

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