At a time when bardcode-scanner-cum-cheaper-price-finder apps have already flooded the App Store, writing about one more such app seems redundant. But there’s something about that makes it a worthy app to talk about – and more importantly, to use.

Crowdbuy.Info is a barcode scanner that detects the product you just scanned and then lists – from a huge list of online retailers – prices for the product from the various retailers. This helps you find cheaper prices or discounts that will save money.

Crowdbuy iPhone and iPad App Review

One of the side-effects of the ecommerce boom is that you have so many websites with varying prices for every product that you can think of. It’s not limited to digital products: everything being sold under the sun is now available online and for ‘competitive prices.’

But it’s tough catching up with all the price variations and discounts on every online website. Heck. It’s time-consuming and cumbersome to just compare prices of the same product across three or four online retail websites like eBay, Amazon and others. That’s when you are at the computer. Think of when you go out to a physical shop and find a product that you want to buy.

That’s where app comes in. With the app installed, you pick your iPhone, scan the barcode on the product and within seconds, Crowdbuy shows you price information about the product from literally hundreds of retailers. Presented in an easy-to-use interface, the app makes finding cheaper prices enormously easy. And in many cases, lightning quick. is designed for fast, easy and seamless price comparison and discovery. That explains why, after the recent update, the app is quite minimal and neatly segregated. You can scan the barcode or simply use the search function to type a product’s generic name. The database is pretty solid: it brings up results fast enough to keep things rolling for you.

While it’s obvious that app’s design doesn’t come with fancy things or high aesthetic appeal, the design is certainly geared towards function. And that’s what matter when you are out there shopping and need to find if the product is worth the price or if cheaper products can be found online. is free on the App Store. No annoying ads which is a great thing. And the app is compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad.

Price: Free