We’ve done quite a bunch of slow-motion-related posts focusing on apps that let you capture slo-mo videos on iPhone 5, 4s, 4 etc. The slo-mo feature on iPhone 5s is spectacular because it’s the only device that supports 120fps recording.

There was SloPro, then SlowCam and TruSloMo. Now, you don’t need an app but just a Cydia tweak will do. And in fact, the tweak is a little more powerful than the apps themselves when we speak of the slo-mo feature. Here’s more about Slo-mo Mod, the iOS 7-compatible Cydia tweak that enables slow-motion video capture on all iDevices running iOS 7.

Slow-motion Videos On All iDevices Running iOS 7 With Slo-mo Mod Cydia Tweak

Slo-mo Mod brings the Slo-mo feature to devices that are not supported. This includes all iOS 7 devices except the iPhone 5s. The tweak puts a Slo-Mo option in the camera app and you can slide/swipe across to get to the slo-mo video recording. (It’s on the left of the Video option).

Create Slow-motion Videos on an Unsupported iPhone with Slo-mo Mod iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

Once you record a slo-mo video this way, you can edit the video’s vertical handles from the video-view to tweak where the slow-motion effect is applied. When you record a video in slo-mo, it is already configured to be ready for a slow-motion crop. Videos recording normally do not usually produce good quality slow-motion results.

Slo-mo Mod has a few settings that you may want to look at – but not tweak unless you know clearly what you are doing. Here’s what it offers:

  • Force Slo-Mo for All Videos: This switch decides whether all videos are recorded as slo-mo compatible. Turn it on only if you want to be able to edit all the videos record to have slow-motion effects.
  • Mogul Framerate: this is a numeric value (30, 60, 120). For iPhone 5s, you can set any value up to 120. For iPhone 5, iPod 5th gen, iPad Air and 4, you can set a value of 60 (max). For others, you have to keep the frame rate at 30. A wrong (higher-than-maximum-supported) value will make the camera app crash so you’ll know if you set the right one or not when you open the Camera app.
  • Slo-Mo Rate: This is the rate at which the slow-motion effect is applied. The default value is 0.25. For a 60fps video, the slow-motion framerate will become 0.25×60=15fps). The larger this value, the faster the video is.
  • Slo-Mo Ramp Volume: This tweaks the volume of the slow motion part of the video.

The best thing about Slo-mo Mod is that it’s free. It’s up on the BigBoss repo so you can grab it right away. It supports all iOS devices that run iOS 7.

Note: You’ll also need to install Burst Mode (Cydia, free) in order that Slo-mo Mod works fine on your device. This is only for non-iPhone 5s device.

Fortunately, there’s an Enable switch so if you run into any trouble with the Camera app, switch off Slo-mo Mod tweak to see if it is the one causing the trouble.