I’m not sure how many of you use the stock Notes app in the age of Evernote but if you do, this is a tweak you shouldn’t miss. NoteCreator is a tweak that makes creating notes on the fly very easy.

It’s a tweak for productivity folks who want to create notes faster. The tweak is activated through Activator so you can actually set any action to trigger the tweak. Read on to find out more about the tweak.

NoteCreator works in tandem with Activator. It is triggered by an action like shaking the device or finger swipes – you can basically decide what shortcut triggers the tweak.

Notecreator Cydia Tweak

When the tweak is triggered, a note sheet opens on the screen. It’s very much like the Facebook/Twitter status sheet we had in iOS 6 (and can have on iOS 7 with Share Widgets for iOS 7). You can type your note and tap on Done to save the note. Tapping on Cancel stops from saving the note.

NoteCreator doesn’t come with overwhelming options to play with but it does offer three important features: you can toggle the title, toggle the keyboard layout showing up when the note sheet opens, and toggle the Save On Cancel switch which preserves the note you typed (but doesn’t save it) when you press Cancel.

As such, NoteCreator seems like a very efficient way to create to-dos on the fly. It makes sure you can create notes quickly from whatever screen you are on. Instead of having to head back to the homescreen and opening the Notes app, you can create notes right from any app or screen on your iPhone.

One thing that you have to make sure is that the Activator action you assign for NoteCreator should not clash with system shortcuts. For instance, you can assign “shake the device” to NoteCreator but the shortcut is usually for Undoing Typing. Pick a very specific, unique gesture.

NoteCreator is available on ModMyi for free.