How to Create An Email Based Reminder in Mac OS X El Capitan

If you don’t want to take any action on important emails in your inbox, you can set an email-based reminder on your Mac.

During a day, you may be receiving hundreds of emails in your mailbox. Not each mail captures your attention with the gravity of content. But there are a few which requires your close attention. And you need to send a reply to those emails. However, they are not urgent and hence, you may delay the response.

This is when you wish you had an assistant that would remind you to send a reply to those important mails. Thankfully, you can use Reminders app on your Mac. You can easily create a reminder with the help of Reminders app to read or reply to particular emails on specific time or date.

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How to Create An Email Based Reminder on Mac

Before you go ahead, you would like to know why you should use this facility. Well, you could be too busy to reply to any mail, and therefore, would like to take any action later. This will leave you without any excuse for forgetting to send an email reply.

How to Set Reminder for Mail App using Reminders App on Mac

Step #1. Open Mail app on your Mac.

Step #2. Click on the email you want to set a reminder for.

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Open Email in Mail App on Mac

Step #3. Now open Reminders app on Mac.

Open Reminders App on Mac

Step #4. Click on the email from the sidebar of Mail app on Mac and drag the email over the blank space in Reminders app.

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Drag Email to Reminders App on Mac

Please note that the email is added to the Reminders app with a link: Show in Mail. Click on this link and the email will be opened.

Click on Show in Mail in Reminders App on Mac

If you take the mouse over the reminder you have set, you will see an “i” button.

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Step #6. Click on it and you will be furnished with options to schedule reminder.

Set Email Based Reminder in Mail App on Mac

Note that you will be able to adjust the repeat rate, a priority of the reminder and edit the note you want to see in the reminder.

Step #7. Once everything sounds good, click on Done.

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Smile! Your email-based reminder is set on the Mac.

At the stipulated time, you will be reminded of the email through a banner notification on Mac.

To take action on this, you can click on the body of the reminder notification and take necessary action. If you have already taken an action, i.e. sent the reply to the mail, just click on Complete. The reminder will be dismissed and will be marked as done.

If you don’t want to take any action now, click on Later. You will have some options in the drop-down menu format.

You can choose one from the four options:

  • Remind Me in 5 Minutes
  • Remind Me in an Hour
  • Remind Me Tomorrow
  • Ignore

Still don’t want to take any action on that mail? Choose one of the options listed above.

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