Photos are memories of a life time. The awesome traveling, ceremonies, functions and parties are incomplete without photos. And, so are the albums that categorize photos and make it easy to sort them, find them and relish them.

With an iPhone or iPad in your hand, you must have stored a number of photos in it, be it selfies, group photos or random shots. However, to know how to form an album for separate sets of photos comes handy when they have to be transferred and organized.

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How to Create a New Album in Photos app on iPhone and iPad

In any case, the albums are necessary to distinguish content.

How to Create a New Album in iPhone and iPad Photos App

Step 1: Click and open your Photos app.

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Step 2: At bottom of the screen, you will see an option called “Albums.”

Step 3: Once you open “Albums,” you will see different albums such as Camera Roll, Photo stream, Panoramas, Videos and third-party apps (if they are installed.)

Create a New Album in Photos app on iPhone and iPad

Step 4: Click on the blue “+” icon on the upper part of the screen to add a new album.

Step 5: Type a name for the new album. Then, tap on Save.

Step 6: You will see another window popping up that has all of your photos. Tap and select the images that you want to transfer into your new album. Tap ‘Done’ after you have made the selection.

Voila! Your new album is ready. Now, you can easily share and transfer pictures without doing extensive search. Organized albums help cherish memories better!

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