There are tons of Quick Reply for X where X is any of your favorite messaging system (biteSMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc.) out there. While each does the job almost perfectly, there comes a time when – if you’re using many apps and many tweaks for each quick reply feature – things can get messy and heavy.

This is where Couria comes in. Arguably, Couria is not going to be an user-facing tweak but it definitely has the potential to change the face of Quick Reply tweaks built in the future.

Couria Cydia Tweak

Couria’s developer Bang Lee is the guy behind a bunch of nifty little tweaks like BatteryPeek, Doodle Message, PreferenceOrganizer, Reminders+ and of course, the quirky and funny Drunk Mode.

With Couria, the developer seems to have embarked on an ambitious and a really good consolidation. Add-ons built on top of Couria will make it easy for you to reply quickly (from anywhere) on Whatsapp, Tweetbot and many more apps.

Couria is like Velox. The real power of the tweak comes from add-ons built for the tweak. At the moment, Couria has one add-on on Cydia. It’s Whatsapp for Couria and having used it for about a week now, I can say that it’s a genuinely good attempt to bring the Quick Reply feature under one roof.

Both Couria and the Whatsapp add-on/extension are free on the BigBoss repo.

Once installed, all you have to do is go to Settings → Couria → and tap on the extension. Enable it to enable Quick reply function for the particular app.At the moment, Couria has Whatsapp and more are possibly on the way.

At the moment, Couria has Whatsapp and more are possibly on the way.

Hopefully, with more extensions getting added to Couria, we should have a platform to control all Quick Reply features from one tweak.

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