Copy And Paste Not Working on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9? Workaround for the Glitch

Failure of copy & paste function irritates you especially when you are doing something important on your iPhone or iPad. Get this issue solved by this useful information presented here.

Copy & paste content is quite useful feature on iPhone & iPad running on iOS 9. It saves a lot of your time to retype content. But recently, Apple Support Communities has seen a number of queries poured in by users regarding copy-paste issue on iOS 9.

Users have undergone very strange experiences; some also complained that when they paste any content, it shows them previously copied content and not the recent one. At one point, when the text was pasted, it showed content that was copied 24 hours before. But every problem has a solution, and this too has one. Follow a few simple steps and copy-paste content on your iOS 9 devices.

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Copy And Paste Not Working Issue on iPhone and iPad

How to Fix Copy And Paste Not Working Issue on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. Open the text, link or any other content you want to copy.

Step #2. Hard press the content or link you want to copy.

A menu will appear with first option of Copy.

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Step #3. Tap on the option of Copy.

Step #4. Tap somewhere on the screen to let the edit menu go.

Step #5. Now hard press the content and tap Copy again.

Fix for Copy Paste Not Working on iPhone and iPad

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It has been noticed that repetitive tap on Copy option fixes the issue in most of the cases; if you want to copy a limited text or words, simply press any word and drag the handles on both sides to complete the selection.

If you wish to share some content, there is an easy way to do so.

Step #1. Open the content you want to share.

Step #2. Tap on Share button.

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Tap on Share Button in Text Edit on iPhone

Step #3. Select the medium/channel you want to share the content through (for e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Mail etc.)

Share Text on iPhone Using Share Sheet

Step #4. Type in name of recipient if you are using WhatsApp or Mail app or any other such app.

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Step #5. Finally, tap the send button.

Your content will be shared with the person you have selected.

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