Best iPhone 5/5s Wallet Cases to Simplify Carrying Cards and Cash

Why carry cash and card in a wallet along with your iPhone when you can have one wallet case for all of them? Here's the list of best of iPhone 5 and 5s wallet cases, cruise around

We’ve had our share of looking at and using a few wallet cases for the iPhone. Now that the iPhone 5s is out maybe it’s time to refresh an old list of wallet cases – which actually fit the bill too. Nevertheless, there are quite bunches of amazing iPhone 5/5s wallet cases that are worth considering.

When you go picking the right iPhone 5/5s wallet case, what you should look for its durability and the bulk it adds to your iPhone. The market has enough bulky iPhone wallet cases (and you must excuse us here because we’ve included a couple of them here), but there’s no need to settle for bulk when the same experience can be had from light-weight, non-bulky wallet cases.

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Best iPhone 5/5s Wallet Cases

#1. Speck SmartFlex

Speck Products Card Case for iPhone 5

SmartFlex from Speck is a beautifully crafted iPhone 5s/5 wallet case. It is an iPhone 5s/5 case first and then as an advantage, there’s the card/cash slot on the back. So you have a sturdy, high-quality protective case which keeps your iPhone safe while letting you carry a few cards and some cash without carrying a wallet.


  • Multiple colors
  • 1 Year warranty
  • Snappy thumb release feature

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#2. Felix

Felix iPhone 5, 5s, and iPhone SE Wallet Case

One thing that you notice, after looking at a lot of wallet cases built for the iPhone, is that the designs get progressively boring. Felix’s HandHold iPhone 5s wallet case breaks this pattern.

Some people think the HandHold is cheesy or ugly, but you know the thing about perspectives. I thought the design was smart if not ingenious. The Felix HandHold looks like a hand grabbing your iPhone – or more safely, holding it. And the back has a slight bulge where you can slip in your card and cash. Sure, it’s not totally safe, but the case is perfect for the little shopping trips you might go on.


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  • Multiple color variations
  • Extremely light weight
  • Made of thermoplastic: strong but no bulk
  • Holds a couple of cards and 2-3 bills

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#3. Shanshui

SHANSHUI iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Wallet Case

When you buy a wallet case, it is obvious you are going put your credit and debit cards in there. This case from Shanshui has RFID blocking mechanism in place, by which thieves cannot steal your personal details using RFID receivers. Besides, it is a 2-in-1 case; you can detach the wallet flap and use the only case if you wish to.

The wallet flap includes three pockets for your cards while one pocket for the cash. The case is made of PU leather giving it a classy look. Lastly, there are five bright color options available.

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  • RFID blocking mechanism
  • Detachable wallet flap
  • A wide range of color choices

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#4. BulletTrain

BulletTrain iPhone SE, 5s, and iPhone 5 Wallet Case

These guys ran into some quality issues but the BulletTrain SAFE wallet is one of the best things I’ve seen in this market of wallet cases. It’s a beautiful, almost-full-fledged iPhone 5s wallet case that can hold a lot more than most other wallet cases.

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The design is such that the wallet pops out but fits perfectly within the case. (See image). Despite this, the wallet has a very pleasing aesthetic design and is relatively thin.


  • Very light-weight and thin (0.63inches, 1 ounce)
  • There’s a secret stash too
  • Holds a key, few cards, and cash bills

Check out on BulletTrain

#5. Silk

Silk iPhone SE, 5, and 5s Wallet Case

If leather cases or flaps is something that does not interest you, then this case by Silk is worth giving a thought. It has three slots on the back of the case where you can store your cards and some of the cash. Besides, the case is slightly raised around the camera, giving an extra layer of protection.

The case is slim, light-weight, and durable enough for regular usage. Also, a free screen protector is included when you buy the case. Lastly, there are 4 colors to choose from.


  • Slim and light-weight
  • Free screen protector included
  • Bright and vibrant color options

Check out on Amazon

That’s all folks!

Signing off

Wallet cases are surely a great way to manage some of the important things in one single place, instead of carrying them separately. Hope you found what you were looking in this post.

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