Well, it's the iOS 7 season folks. The final version of iOS 7 will come out along with the rumored next-gen iPhone 5S but we'll get to see a lot of mockups, tweaks, themes and UI kits for iOS 7. While Apple will be helping out iOS developers through the entire beta release, iOS app designers will need UI kits.

We've got a lot of designers working on these kits and giving them away. I saw the Teehan+Lax iOS 7 UI kit shoot to popularity the day it was released and it's pretty good and all-encompassing basically. But there are other kits too so we thought we'll just collect them all here.

Free iOS 7 UI Kit from MediaLoot

MediaLoot put up a vector illustration for iOS 7. It contains almost all the elements right from the tiny signal bars, the sliders, buttons and everything else. The kit looks minimal though but it's a vector illustration so you get the best thing you want. Besides, it's free.

Grab it from MediaLoot.com

iOS7 UI Kits for Designers and Developers

Sketch Gems iOS 7 UI Kit

The Sketch iOS 7 UI kit is actually good because it includes a couple more elements than the one from Medialoot: the dialer, the select context menu. Well, it's a complete kit. The kit sells for $5 (with a original price listing of $10 from June 30 onwards). The reason I include this kit here is because you will get future updates for free. Read the last para of this post to find out why that will be important.

You can get it from SketchGames.com

Teehan+Lax iOS 7 UI Kit PSD

Well, if you're the photoshop guy, this is the best iOS 7 UI kit right now. Contains every little detail on the iOS 7 beta 1. Teehan+Lax have got a solid track record at this thing: they've produced stunning iOS 6 PSD kits too which was one of the most popular kits in the market.

Visit TeehanLax.com for further information.

Bonus Small Kit from Dribbble

There's this little slider and toggle switch kit if you wish to use just these. It's not much but the user says he'll be releasing more of these kits later.

More information can be found at Dribbble.com

Note that all these kits are based on the iOS 7 beat 1 interface. Rumors indicate that the icons and many of the interface elements are only entry-level and are set to change completely by the time we get to the public release. So while you can get started using these kits, remember that you might have to change a few elements here and there.