How to convert Numbers to Excel on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Convert Numbers files to Excel sheets on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Everybody loves a streamlined flow of productivity. There’s nothing worse than being hit with a compatibility blockade. Similarly, if you find yourself struggling between Apple Numbers and Microsoft Excel on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, then this article has you covered.

Whether you’re a spreadsheet master or a casual user, this guide will assist you in a smooth transition from Apple Numbers to Excel and vice versa without any hassle. Let’s get started!

Benefits of converting Numbers files to Excel sheets

Excel is the industry standard spreadsheet software accepted by organizations all across the globe. Conclusively, in a professional setting, Excel documents weigh more importance than Numbers files. Regardless of their similarities, Excel has the edge in multiple efficient ways.

By converting Numbers documents into Excel format:

  • Collaboration with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders who are more familiar with or exclusively use Excel is seamless and efficient.
  • The conversion of a document preserves formulas, macros, and conditional formatting, enabling reliable data analysis and decision-making.
  • The robust automation capabilities offered in Excel through Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) are simply one of a kind.
  • It empowers professionals to customize their workflows using macros that can be shared among teams globally.

These are just a few examples of how Excel is better at managing the numeric workflow in comparison to Numbers.

It guarantees enhanced interoperability, seamless functionality, standardized reporting capabilities, and improved efficiency in professional work environments.

How to convert Numbers to Excel sheets on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Numbers app.
  2. Access the file you wish to convert.
  3. Tap the three-dot icon → Select Export when prompted.
  4. Choose the Excel format from the pop-up.

    Tap the three-dot icon, export, excel in numbers
    • If prompted, you can choose either of the following:
      • One Per Sheet: It prompts the user with a different sheet for every sheet in the Numbers spreadsheet.
      • One Per Table: It curates a different sheet for every table in the Numbers spreadsheet.
    • Upon making a choice, select Export Continue.

      Tap Export, Continue in Numbers
  5. Once the sharing menu appears, swipe up and select Save to Files.
  6. Pick a folder of your preference → Hit Save to conclude the process.

    Tap Save to Files, Done in Files

How to convert Number files to Excel spreadsheet on Mac

  1. Open the Numbers app on your Mac → Select a file of your choice.
  2. Click File Export To from the menu bar.

    Tap File, Export, Excel in Numbers in Mac
  3. Choose Excel as the file format.
    • If you feel like it, enable Require password to open.
    • Enrich the file with a unique password and verify the same followed by a hint.
  4. Click Save to proceed.

    Select Excel, Save in Mac
  5. Enrich the file with a title and choose a location accordingly.
  6. Once the settings are set to your preferences, hit Export.

    Click Export in Numbers on Mac
  7. Finally, hit OK if induced.

    Click OK to save numbers file in Excel format

Steps to convert Number files in Excel documents via iCloud

  1. Access the official page of iCloud on any browser of your preference.
    Make sure you’re logged in with your Apple ID.
  2. Select Numbers from the listed applications.
  3. Open a file → Click the three-dot icon.
  4. When prompted, hit Download a Copy to proceed.

    Tap the three-dot icon, download a copy in numbers in iCloud
  5. Select the Excel format when prompted.

    Select Excel as a download format in iCloud
  6. Let the file conversion run its course.

    Creating a file for download
  7. Hit OK when prompted.

    Click OK in Export Warning
  8. Now the file will be downloaded in its destined folder and available in Excel format.

Note: This process works the same in iPhone and iPad as well.


Will the converted file look exactly the same in Excel as it does in Apple Numbers?

In most cases, the general appearance of the converted file will be preserved. However, due to differences in how each app handles certain formatting elements, there might be slight variations in the presentation.

Can I collaborate with others after converting a file between the two platforms?

Yes, you can! The beauty of converting files between Apple Numbers and Excel is that it promotes seamless collaboration across platforms. Once you’ve converted your file, you can easily share it with others who may be using either Numbers or Excel.

Will converting files lead to any loss of data?

In general, converting files between Apple Numbers and Excel is a safe process that doesn’t cause data loss. However, it’s always good practice to keep backup copies of your original files, especially if they contain critical or irreplaceable information.

Say goodbye to compatibility woes or limitations!

Congratulations on becoming a conversion wizard! This knowledge will enable you to effortlessly switch between Number and Excel at your convenience, regardless of the device. So go ahead, tackle those data challenges, collaborate with colleagues, and create stunning visuals with confidence. Now you can enjoy seamless integration and productivity at your fingertips.

Thank you for reading. Please take a moment to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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