Convert Case: A Versatile Multipurpose iPhone 5s/5 Case Finally

Multipurpose iPhone cases are not that popularly used even though it looks and sounds interesting at first glance. One of the biggest gripes about the multipurpose tag is that they’re bulky, sometimes ugly and not-so-portable.

A new Kickstarter campaign for a multipurpose case wants to change some of that and make a friendly multipurpose iPhone case. Here’s more about the Convert Case for the iPhone 5/5s.

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Convert Multipurpose iPhone 5s Case

The Convert Case for iPhone 5/5s is in its prototype stage but it looks pretty neat already. Here’s why.

The multipurpose case is made up of two parts: the base that functions as the case for the iPhone and the detachable component which makes the case truly multifunctional. What’s surprising (and pretty cool) is that the base of the case slides over your iPhone smoothly and fits perfectly. And that kind of makes it less bulkier than most other multipurpose cases we’ve seen so far.

Convert Flat Case for iPhone 5s

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Right now, there are about four different cases you can attach to the convert case:

  • The Flat back (fully customizable with your design on the back)
  • The Earbud Holder back
  • The Kickstand+Bottle opener back
  • The Wallet back

The Flat back is a plain back panel that slides/snaps shut over the Convert case base. It’s for those times when all you need is a solid cover on your iPhone that will protect it from accidental bumps, drops, scratches on the back etc. You can actually customize the flat back attachment to feature a design of your liking. The folks behind the Convert Case say that you can send in your design and they’ll print it out on the case.

Earbud Holding iPhone 5s Case

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The Earbud holder back is for those times when you need to be carrying your earbuds with your iPhone – safely and securely. This one’s bulky though. I am thinking more of a use-case where you carry the earbud holder back with you in the car just so the earbuds can be wrapped neatly, securely.

Convert Kickstand Back iPhone 5s Case

The Kickstand+Bottle opener back is cool. There are dozens of kickstand cases for the iPhone 5/5s and this one looks almost the same. The idea of fixing a “detachable” bottle opener to the kickstand is kind of neat.

iPhone 5s Wallet Back Case

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The wallet back resembles the Wally iPhone cases. It holds sufficiently enough credit cards and possibly some bills so you don’t have to carry a wallet and your iPhone separately.

The video demos make it look like fitting and removing the case backs is going to be as easy as sliding them up the case. Also, removing the case backs and the case itself seems an easy thing to do too. A button flip at the top of the case removes the case back quickly.

Convert Multifunctional iPhone 5s Case

The Covert Case should start shipping by August/September 2014. You can support the project on Kickstarter.

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The basic Convert Cases should cost about $35 apiece. There are many combinations that you can pick from at the Kickstarter campaign page.

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