Continuity Calling Not Working in iOS 8: Here’s How to Fix It

Calls are a part of Continuity in iOS 8. When your iPhone rings/ get a call, you can pick that call up on your iPad or a Mac that are on the same network and have the same iCloud account. It’s supposed to be easy to setup (meaning: no setup required) but if you run into problems with Continuity calling not working in iOS 8, here are some fixes:

Apple’s rolling out of “Continuity” in iOS 8 is a continuation of their attempts to integrate the entire iOS ecosystem. If you’ve got many iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and let’s also include Mac), you want to be able to shift from one device to the other seamlessly without interrupting any work you’ve been doing on one device.

Continuity Calling Not Working in iOS 8

How to fix Continuity Calling Problems in iOS 8


Let’s first make sure your devices are compatible and support this feature. The iDevices where Continuity is supported are:

  • iPhones: 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 Plus
  • iPad: Air, 4th gen
  • iPad mini and mini w/Retina
  • iPod touch 5th gen

Have You Enabled Wi-Fi Calling?

When you [enable Wi-Fi calling] (a new feature for iPhones), you are effectively disabling call forwarding to other devices through Continuity. Apple warns you of this when you enable Wi-Fi calling.

It appears to be a software limitation right this moment (although it’s only a remote possibility). It could be otherwise too. But the bottom-line is that if you enable Wi-Fi Calling, your other devices will not receive the calls, and you won’t be able to make calls from your Mac or iPad through your iPhone. No Continuity calling, period.

Disabling Wi-Fi calling can help.

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on Phone
  • Under Calls, tap on Wi-Fi Calling
  • Switch off Wi-FI calling.

Disable Wifi Calling on iOS 8 on iPhone and iPad

Reset Network Settings

A few users seemed to have fixed the Continuity calling issue with a simple network reset. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to SettingsGeneral.
  • Tap on Reset
  • Now, tap on Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings in iOS 8 on iPhone

This will clear out network-related info/settings/cache. The Wi-Fi passwords will go (you will have to re-enter them); other network profiles will also be gone.

You will have to clear network settings on your iPad too and on your Mac OS X too. But once you reset the network settings, you will have mostly fixed the Continuity calling issue. You should begin to get calls on your iPad/Mac.

Fixing Through FaceTime

FaceTime has a new option under Settings which seems to affect the Continuity calling feature.

On your iPhone/iPad:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on FaceTime
  • Switch on iPhone cellular calls. If it’s already “on” turn it off and then switch it back on.

Fix Wifi Calling Issue Through FaceTime in iOS 8

Switching this on lets other devices to “receive/make calls” through your iPhone’s cellular network instead of just the data network which is what FaceTime does. I’m still clueless about why this feature impacts calling in Continuity but try this nevertheless.

Restart All Devices

To some users, a simple reboot of all the devices involved in the Continuity helped. If you have an iPhone and iPad, rebooting both the devices after the upgrade and after trying out all other settings can help in fixing the Continuity calling issues.

Sign Out and Sign In to iCloud

As a last resort before pulling the plug and restoring your iPhone/iPad completely, you can try logging out of the iCloud account on all your devices. Then, log in again on all the devices.

This might reset things and enable Continuity calling on the devices.

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