Contacts app in your iPhone offers you a tasteless user-interface, where you can see all your contacts in a wishy-washy white. If you want to spice up this app, either you need to Jailbreak your device or purchase Contacts Board.

Jailbreak may not be a good idea for you as you just want to alter the Contacts in your Phone app, and not the entire iPhone. Hence, downloading a cool new app is a better option for you.

Contacts Board iPhone App

Contacts Board iPhone App

Contacts Board is beautiful app that actually transfers your simple-looking contacts into a fine-looking list with photos (if available) and colors. Moreover, the app makes it super-easy to share, delete and favorite your contacts.

The Grid

Once you download the app, allow it to access your contacts; the app will immediately transfer your contacts in a grid format, of course in alphabetical order. If you have saved contacts with photos, this grid will look amazingly beautiful. Not only this, each contact, which was showcased in a square box, will also show details like cell number, email id, residential address, date of birth etc. Benefit of this grid is that you can immediately spot a contact from photos while you are swiping the list up or down. A search option also comes handy if you type in the name of contact in search bar. The only downside is that you can't send a message from this list in Contacts Board.

Share, Delete, and Add to Favorite

Here is something interesting. Contacts Board offers you three different options you can try on your contacts; you can share, you can delete and you can add the contacts to Favourite. Just press and hold any contact and three options will spread out there on the screen; without taking your finger off the contact, you need to select any of three options. This is a rather difficult action to follow as you can't take your finger off the screen. However, there is one benefit here; users can select multiple contacts and perform the three actions by tapping Invert from the bottom menu.

Spice up the background

The primary reason why you shifted to Contacts Board is its colorful interface. To change background colours, you can click on Settings icon and select your choice of colour from the User Interface Style. This will make the list of your contacts attractive. A fine-looking interface with practicality gives your eyes a visual treat.

Price: $1.99
Download Contacts Board

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