Facing Connection Error in Mail App on iPhone and iPad? Here is the Fix

Having myself faced the problem, I tried these solutions to fix connections errors in Mail app on my iPhone/iPad and they worked for me. Give them a try if you have also encountered this issue.


The other day, I ran into connections error in Mail app on my iOS device. Whenever I would send an email, I got an error message saying, “Connection to the server failed.”

I tried a few tricks, and luckily one of them clicked for me. On my way to fixing the connection error in the Mail app, I discovered a few other solutions that can also be helpful in resolving other common error messages including “server not responding” messages and “password incorrect” errors. Head over to give these solutions a chance to resolve the issue!

Connection Error in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

How to Fix Connection Errors in Mail App on iPhone and iPad

Solution #1: Force Quit Mail App and Launch It Again

One of the first tricks you can try out to fix the connection errors is force quit the app and relaunch it.

Double-click the Home button to bring up the app switcher. Then swipe up the app card to close the app.

On your iPhone X, swipe up from the Home bar and then pause. Next, swipe up on the app card to close the app. Alternately, you can touch and hold the app card and then tap the red button to close the app. Read more.

Solution #2: Force Restart your iOS Device

No solution as yet? Force reboot to your iPhone SE/iPhone 6s Plus or earlier, press and hold on the Home and ON/OFF buttons at once until Apple logo appears on the screen.

How to Restart-Reboot iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

To reboot your iPhone 7/7 Plus, you need to press and hold on the ON/OFF button and volume button at once.

Reboot iPhone 7-7 Plus

To hard reset your iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, press and release volume down button, press and release volume up button. Then you have to press and hold on the ON/OFF button.

Hard Reboot iPhone X, 8 Plus, and 8

Solution #3: Check Out Your Internet Connection

Ensure that you have a proper internet connection. If you are using cellular, switch to a Wi-Fi network; if it’s available.

If you are already using Wi-Fi, remove it and reconnect with it. Open Settings app → Wi-Fi → tap on “i” button right next to the Wi-Fi network → Forget this network.

Forget Wi-Fi Network on iPhone in iOS 11

Next up, reconnect to the network. Then, try sending an email to see if the problem is fixed.

But if you are using cellular, turn on Airplane Mode. Then wait for some time and turn it off.

Just in case you are still facing the problem, reset the network settings. Open Settings app → General → scroll down and tap on Reset → tap on Reset Network Settings and confirm.

Reset Network Settings in iOS 10 on iPhone

Solution #4: Delete and Re-Add the Problematic Account

Haven’t found the solution as yet? Delete the problematic account and re-add it.

Step 1. Open Settings app → Accounts and Passwords.

Tap on Settings then Accounts and Passwords in iPhone SettingsStep 2. Now, tap on the email account in question.

Tap on Email Account in iPhone Settings

Step 3. Next, tap on Delete account and confirm.

Delete Mail Account from iPhone

Then, you have to tap on Add account and then select the account type you wish to add.

Up next, follow the instructions and enter your username and password for your email account.

Solution #5: Update your device

I’m pretty sure the issue has been resolved after you have tried the solution 4 (mentioned above). But if the luck continues to be disloyal to you, it’s time to update your iOS device.

Apple always suggests keeping the device updated to ensure it functions properly and has more security. Hence, update your device to the latest iOS version. Open Settings app → General → Software Update.

Update iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

Note: Even after updating your device, if the email is still not working, contact your email provider or system administrator for help.

That’s all folks!

Wrapping up:

Assuming email has started working again. Let us know your feedback and the solution which got the job done for you in the comments below.

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