Here’s What We Think of Conduit Mobile: After a Little Hands-on Experience

In an increasingly-mobile world, content can be delivered as a responsive blog – which is good – and as a dedicated app too – which is better. Where tech publishers are concerned, especially with blogs like ours, it looks best to package our content as an app so our subscribers and readers get to be right on top of the news and happenings.

Building a dedicated app can be enormously tedious and so we were out looking for a service that does the same. We found Conduit Mobile and frankly, it looks like one of the finest web apps out there. It helps individual publishers make apps out of their content and is aimed at a lot of businesses like restaurants, blogs,  music, events etc.

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Conduit is quite popular in the web world, especially with amazing interactive apps/services like Wibiya which you might find on a plethora of websites. Their mobile offering (Conduit Mobile) is as powerful and interactive as the rest.

At its core, Conduit Mobile is a web-based platform to build your mobile app from your own content. In our case, we’ve got our blog’s RSS feed along with all our popular social channels – Facebook and Twitter. The ease of use on Conduit Mobile is amazing: you get started in no more than a minute and all we had to do was enter our blog’s URL. Almost everything else was taken care of right from the start.

Conduit Mobile Site Development

Hardcore developers and large-scale publishers (like TNW, for instance) do not usually give a thought for web-based solutions like Conduit Mobile. Given that the range of content differs and the level of customization varies, it’s an agreeable opinion but I think there’s some serious power in Conduit Mobile. Especially when it comes to customization.

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Conduit Mobile is best suited for publishers, artists, bloggers and other content-producers who aren’t intent on putting up 10,000 hours to learn to code an app or shell out thousands to get the same done.

Our experiments with Conduit Mobile have been pretty fantastic so far.

1). Easy to Start with

Getting Started with Conduit Mobile

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I fear the blank state as much as any writer, designer and developer. A successful app is one where there’s no blank state to start from. When you get started with Conduit Mobile, you’re at this place:

It fetches the RSS from your website (if there is one) and builds the content from it. What really surprised me was that it also attached the Facebook and Twitter profile out of our blog and linked it to the app. Now you’ve already got a complete app with content, social channels and about & contact pages ready!

Conduit Mobile My Pages

2). Add More, As Much As You Want

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For iGeeksBlog, we’re primarily focused on content being delivered correctly. But content, by its definition, is not going to be just words (posts). And since Conduit Mobile targets a wide spectrum of users, they’ve got a bucket load of different types of content that can be added. Like e-Commerce, events, photos, personalized collections, map, multimedia, a particular webpage etc.

3). Intense Customization

Intense Customization of Conduit Mobile

Change the colors, logo, background, navigation.. there’s a lot of things to tweak here. It would’ve been amazing if there was some way to change the typography too. Speaking of customization, you can play around with the splash screens, the logos and the navigation. The navigation is particularly important and it’s good that you get to tweak it to a certain extent.

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Upload Splash Screen Images in Conduit Mobile

Push Notifications are a good feature to have for an app. Although you’ll have to go on a near $100 monthly subscription, it’s a feature that many apps use to interact better.

4. Pricing: There is a severely-limited free plan but the $39/month gold should be a good point to start for most websites. Now that means you’ve got to have a decent way of generating revenues so that you can afford such a plan. But if you’re serious about having a dedicated, native mobile app (that works on iPhone and Android), that means you’re going to need to have a dedicated service too. A $99/month service gets you more options like Push Notifications that take interactivity and engagement to the next level.

Conduit Mobile Pricing

Conduit Mobile creates your app for the iPhone (all 5, 4S, 4) and the iPad besides the Android and HTML 5 version. The developers are also working to add Windows Phone to the list.

You can test it out too (for free) for your blog or website where your content is. Conduit Mobile looks just like the perfect one.

Check out Conduit Mobile here.

Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


  1. Yeah – we’ve been working with Conduit for almost 4 months as a reseller – meaning we’re building app through their service for clients and it SUCKS!!! We’ve exposed so many weaknesses, bugs and inconsistencies in their app not to mention this:

    The web app preview IS NOT reflective of the real app. the Pre.Vu app has it’s own quirks and bugs to.

    It is NOT at all what they say it is. If you don’t care about a well designed and consistent app – this is for you.

    Designers and developers beware – you’ll spend 10,000 hrs with their support team to get no where!

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for your feedback and sorry that you feel this way about our product.

    As ever, our support team are dedicated to your account and will continue to work with you to address your queries. Please communicate with them, so we can help you rectify these specific issues. Moving forward, we hope that we can ensure you are happy with your apps as an end product for your clients.

    Please communicate with our support team via this email address –

    Conduit Mobile

  3. horrible! what a waste of time. i spent hours designing my app then upgraded my plan like they said. they took my money i sent from payal and even though i chose to pay monthly, they added reoccurring payment option automatically without my consent. i realized this immediately because they are not to be trusted. when i cancelled the reoccurring payment in my paypal back office, they cancelled my upgrade and locked my app. then, rather than fixing the problem, they sent me excuses. now i am disputing the transaction in paypal. i dont want to do business with them anymore and they turn me off to mobile applications all together. good job! conduit should do everyone a favor and find another line of work. its important for me to spread the word to everyone about how they do business and treat their customers so i will be taking the same amount of time i worked on my mobile app (24 hours) and posting this to every blog i can find. please like and share so we can stop this behavior.

  4. Conduit Mobile Poor Service / Fraud
    I have purchase 05 Apps from Conduit Mobile in and pay through my
    credit card (Plimus Sales Merchant) bad things is after next month
    deduct amount automatically without my permission from my credit card,
    this is a very big fraud, and i am requesting to many times to refund my
    amount but no response from Conduit Mobile, After 15 days we have
    received email from Conduit Mobile and tell him Lame Excuse (Email
    Message: I am truly sorry for the delay in responding to you. I was away
    for personal reason and did not receive your emails until now) what
    happen ?, We will not continue with conduit mobile due to poor service, and refund my all previous amount

  5. Wow, I just created my first app with Conduit and found it really easy but it was for a cafe and I added the loyalty card option (9 coffees for 1 free). But when I tested the app, the loyalty card page said I had to download the app. When I clicked on “download” I got a message saying that these types of files could have a virus. Then, when I did download it and was about to install it, the app gives this message saying they will be able to access absolutely everything on your mobile phone with no option not to do this. I can’t see why any customer would want Conduit (who have such a bad name because of their toolbar “malware”) to have full access to their phone’s details.
    I then did a Google search for the app and am now concerned about whether I should even use it after all the comments below.
    I’ll remove the loyalty page and see how the rest goes. They don’t have very good info so there are no instructions for using the loyalty card page.

  6. Completely wasted my time! This site is bogus there is no support and now I have to recover my losses. PLEASE beware of this fraudulent website and conduit mobile have ripped me off!

  7. A waste of time. There is also no way to contact a real person in customer service. I created an app 2 years ago and paid all the fees and followed all the steps and the app is “still in review”. I’ve not found any live person to call or even email. Their server rejects all my emails asking for help. Up front it is really easy and impressive but if we cannot have it available to the public then it is a waste of my time and money. **And if someone from Como or Conduit would like to respond and help me complete the app so that it can be available to the public then I would be happy to re post my positive experience.**


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