Composing a new message, new Facebook post, a Tweet or more can never get easier. With Compose for iOS 7, all these things are at the tap of a button from within the Control Center.

Of course we posted about the Share Widget tweak that put back the “Tap to” widgets on Notification Center. There are also social share widgets for the Control Center but I think nothing beats Compose for iOS 7 so far.

If you keep updating your status on Facebook or tweeting a lot from your iPhone, this is the tweak you need. Compose for iOS 7 puts two buttons/links under the Control Center so that these are instantly accessible. With most other tweaks that are designed for this purpose, you only have two or three options (Facebook, Twitter and some other social website).

Compose for iOS 7 Cydia Tweak

But with this tweak, you have a ton of options. So it doesn’t matter if you share stuff on Tumblr, or use Fantastical a lot, or use biteSMS instead of the stock app. All these options find their place within Compose for iOS 7 and can be toggled to be one of the two buttons in the Control Center.

Here’s a list of what Compose for iOS 7 has:

  • New SMS/iMessage
  • New Whatsapp message
  • Facebook Status
  • New Facebook Message
  • Tumblr post
  • New Tweet
  • Instagram post/photo
  • Tweetbot post
  • BBM Message
  • New SnapChat
  • New Clear task
  • New Calendar event (stock calendar app)
  • New Fantastical 2 event/reminder
  • New BiteSMS message
  • New Drafts in Drafts app

As versatile as Compose for iOS 7 is, it doesn’t overshoot the capability. The tweak only lets you place two buttons in the control center which severely limits the options you can quickly access. But in a way, it’s good. You don’t want to clutter the Control Center with these shortcuts.

Typically, pick the services that you often use. For me, it’s Messages and Tweet.

Compose for iOS 7 is up on BigBoss for $0.99.