iOS 8 is open for developers. It comes with a brand new programming language called swift. Do you want to be an iOS 8 developer but don’t know how to? Simply take advantage of this brilliant deal and get hundreds of dollars off on the complete iOS 8 Developers Course, including Swift! The course will be available after iOS 8 is announced for the public and at that time it will cost $998. If you pre order it right now, you get it for a throw away price of $79.

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Complete iOS 8 Swift Developers Course Just for 79 Dollars

What do I Get in This?

You get to develop 14 different apps using XCode 6 and Swift. This will be done over a span of 36+ hours of intensive training.

But I have No Developing Experience!

No issues. This course trains you to be a developer even if you are an absolute dev. newbie!

Which Devices can I Develop For After This?

After taking this 350 video and 36.5 hour long course, you will be equipped to develop all native iOS and Mac apps.

Is that All?

Hah! No way! We also threw in a complete developer course for iOS 7 with Objective-C language with 36.5 hours of training, so that you cannot be challenged by anyone!

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Complete iOS 8 + Swift Developers Course Just for $79