Compete app review: Create creative videos & vote to win cash

Compete Create or Vote to Win app review

Between TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, the short-video formats have taken over the world. While these platforms offer creators ways to monetize their content, what you get as the audience is mere entertainment.

Now imagine if you can also win money for simply watching and voting a video? Well, Compete: Create or Vote to Win app not only offers an incentive for creators but also viewers.

How, what, really? Check out the full review for all the deets you need.

Compete: Create or Vote to Win app 

Compete is a new social media app on the block, with challenge-based video at its core. And though the 15-sec concept might not feel new or unique, there is a twist in the tale.

Compete Create or Vote to Win app to upload brief videos and get rewarded for them

You might have seen various trending #challenges on platforms like TikTok and Instagram from #kikichallenge to #Pillowdresschallenge. Now imagine creatively completing such a challenge and earning money in return.

Here, the video creators compete with each other and can win up to $5000. Additionally, the viewers are also rewarded for actively voting for their favorite videos.

How Compete helps you monetize your videos or votes? 

The moment you open the app, a host of videos welcomes you. But these are not any random videos created by users; each one will be part of some of the other challenges.

Monetize your videos or votes with Compete app

A slight scroll will take you to the challenges section, where you can see live and recently ended challenges. If the challenge is live, you can either participate by making a video with your version or vote for the ones you like the best.

Accordingly, both the video creators and voters are awarded. The basic award categories are:

  • Rising Star
  • Popular Vote – 1
  • Popular Vote – 2
  • Creative
  • Best Judge

How to participate in a challenge on Compete app

You can choose and participate in a challenge of your choice. Here, a small video will explain what the challenge is about. You will also find other details like a brief description, contestant awards, judge awards, and other details.

  1. In the challenge of your choice, check out the brief carefully.
  2. Tap Post to make a video.
  3. Record a 15 – 30 second.

    In challenge of your choice, Tap Post, Record a 15 - 30 second video
  4. Now trim it to 15 seconds or less and tap the check icon at the screen’s top-right.
  5. Select a cover frame and tap the check icon again.

    Trim video, Select a cover frame and tap the check icon

And that’s it; your video will be uploaded and submitted for the challenge. Now, it’s up to other users whether you win or lose the challenge.

You can have just one entry per challenge, after that, the Post tab greys out. So, ensure that the uploaded video is creative and fun.

The video I have chosen was about sharing a secret, so I did not need music in the background. But other challenges give you the option to add background music from a default list that may vary from one challenge to another.

Vote for your favorite video on Compete

There is just one thing I feel the app is missing in this section, the video editing features are pretty basic. There’s no crop, split, filters, etc. I get that they want to keep it basic, so the participant’s talent shines out instead of their video editing skills.

It does need some advanced-level editing options that can allow creators a bit more freedom, and the videos can be more interactive.

How to vote for your favorite video on Compete app

There are two ways: either vote via the main challenge page or from the explore/trending section.

  1. Open the challenge page and tap Vote.
  2. Here, swipe up to see all entries and select the one you like.
  3. You can either tap the
    • SuperStars – Use this one wisely; you only get three SuperStars per challenge.
    • Creative! – As the name suggests, you award this to the most innovative entry.
    • Vote – The heart is equivalent to a like and a way to offers appreciation and encouragement to the creator.
Explore new videos and challenges on Compete

The winner for Popular Vote 1 & 2 categories is awarded to the creator with the most hearts and Superstars. There is also a unique ‘Rising Star’ award that identifies enthusiastic and talented users.

The Best Judge reward can be yours if you gave SuperStars to the most liked contestants.

Explore new videos and challenges 

The app lends you limitless ways to showcase your talent, whether dance, beauty, fitness, music, STEM, sports, or talking.

Showcase your talent with Compete app

Compete boasts videos and challenges hailing from various categories. And you can explore new or trending videos from the Homepage or the dedicated tabs.

If you like a video and want to explore other entries from the challenge, simply tap the challenge name on the page’s bottom-left.

Share videos to Instagram & TikTok 

While you can’t import videos from other social media channels, you can surely export your challenge videos to your Instagram and TikTok to attract more votes and attention. And not just yours but anyone’s video.

Moreover, you can add your social media handles as well for cross-platform promotion.

Can I post a challenge?

As of now, the challenges are pre-hosted and booked via the developers and not open for everyone. However, the users who have been voted as a Rising Star can host new challenges on Compete.

Considering that a payment option is involved, this setting seems fair. After all, no one would like to get duped!

How does Compete pay its users?

To redeem the cash prices, you will need a PayPal account. Upon winning, an email with a unique code will be sent to your registered email ID. You can use this code to request your payment on PayPal.

Is Compete: Create or Vote to Win a worthy TikTok alternative? 

In a way yes, because you get to post and see short video formats quite like TikTok or Instagram Reels. However, it does not allow a creator to post anything or everything; they can only post according to a challenge.

Compete completely stands out from the crowd. And that you can get paid for creating and voting for videos is a big plus. While I loved the concept and the execution, a few things are missing.

For instance, the lack of editing options, or you get four default music options, not a music search feature.

But considering the app is relatively new, and the developers are open to suggestions, I believe these small hurdles will be resolved in the upcoming updates. Overall, it’s a thumbs up to Compete. The app is pretty addictive and fun.

Price: Free


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