“Comment It!” iPhone App Keeps the Memories of Your Photos Alive Forever

Never want to forget the fond memories attached with the exclusive photos you have captured while holidaying with your friends and loved ones? You would love to use Comment It! iPhone/iPad app to keep the reminiscence vivid forever!

Can’t remember when and why you had captured a special photo sitting quietly in one of the folders in your fast-growing photo library? Don’t worry, you are not at fault at all. The sweet memories attached with that shot may have been faded away with the passing times or couldn’t have resisted the test of occasions. Wouldn’t it have been better if you had added a short text with the photo to keep that memory alive—forever?

Meet “Comment It!” iPhone app that can keep each and every reminiscence attached with your photo intact. Therefore, you can instantly bring even decades old recollection to life and find out what makes this fascinating photo so close your heart!

Comment It! iPhone and iPad App: Every Memory is Worthy a Treasure-Trove

Create Personalized Narrative

Add Comment to Photo Using Comment It iPhone App

You can create any type of narrative that can best describe your photos. For instance, you will add a touchy word, a memorable sentence, a short story, emojis or even a novel. Your personalized narrative will be automatically copied to the clipboard while sharing the pics. Hence, you can easily paste them into your photo sharing app.

Encrypt Your Text

Don’t want any personal narratives to be seen by others? No problem. You can encrypt the text using a special key.

I make sure to provide some additional privacy to some of my private photos. To keep them under the wraps, I either hide them or keep them in a photo vault app. I’m glad that the app takes special care of the privacy and allows to hide some personal comments embedded in the images.

Add Encryption Key to Comment It iPhone AppSet Encryption Key for Photo in Comment It iPhone App

If anyone tries to view the comments, he/she must enter the encryption key. And this is exactly what you would want to ensure your hearty text remains hidden.

Quickly Search Your Photos

Another significant advantage of adding a suitable text with a photo is that you can quickly search any photo. For example, if you had snapped some cool photos during a remarkable tour in Switzerland, you won’t need to dig deep and spend a lot of time to access those shots.

Search Photos by Comments on iPhone

The narratives are embedded in the photos, and therefore they don’t get detached when you share the images. You can send the images to any server, site, computer and keep the text embedded with the pics.

Highly Effective Functionality

Comment It! has an intuitive user-interface. It functions effectively; allowing you to carry out your task with ease.

To get started, simply download the app on your iOS device. Upon launching the app, you need to allow it to access your photo library. Next, select the photo you want to add the comment → tap on the pencil button → enter the text → tap on the button and then tap on the tick mark at the top right corner → tap on Modify to allow the app to modify the image.

Allow Comment it iPhone App to Access Your PhotosAllow Comment It iPhone App to Modify Your Photo

If you want to encrypt the text, toggle on the button that is right next to the key → tap on Yes in the popup to give your permission → enter the encryption key → tap on the tick mark at the top right corner.

The Bottom Line

I have found “Comment It” simple, yet a must have to never let any recollection bite the dust of times. It functions reliably; allowing you to add/edit comments with ease. Since the text is embedded in the photos, it’s never detached when you share them. As there is also an option to add more privacy to the narratives, you can express your heart out without any inhibition.

“If you are fond of capturing remarkable photos and wish to keep their recollection vivid timelessly, go for Comment It! The app is ideally primed to keep the nostalgia related to the shots flourishing…”

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