Combin Scheduler review: Automate Instagram posts easily

Combin Scheduler to Automate Instagram posts easily

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, can help flourish your business if you utilize them the right way. However, these apps are not only time-consuming but also serve as a distraction. So, how do you overcome this and make the best of Instagram without losing your time?

Combin Instagram Scheduler is your answer! This scheduling tool does all the posting for you on Instagram. You can schedule posts and stories efficiently and ensures consistency. But will it really save you time? Find out in this review.

What is Combin Scheduler?

Combin Scheduler is a free tool for scheduling Instagram posts and stories. Suppose you’re looking for a free automated publishing tool for Instagram. In that case, it’s safe to say that the Combin Scheduler is among the best tools that’ll help you create a gorgeous Instagram feed.  

The Combin Scheduler tool is available for Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. It does not function on iOS or Android, so this is not for you if you’re looking for an iPhone Instagram post scheduler. Nonetheless, it works flawlessly, especially on Mac.  

How to use Combin Scheduler for Instagram

The scheduling process is undemanding once you log into your Instagram account through the tool. You can schedule a post, story, or even a repost with Combin Scheduler. Follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to schedule posts, stories, and reposts.

How to schedule a post through Combin Scheduler

  1. Select the account → click Post on the left panel → click Add New Post at the bottom right.

    Click Add New Post in Combin Scheduler for Mac
  2. Select the image at the right.
  3. Now, add the following details:
    • Caption: You get preset text templates along with hashtags. You can even change fonts
    • Add link in bio: The link you add will be automatically updated in your Instagram bio
    • Add location: You can even set the location
    • Date and time: Set the scheduling date and time
  4. Click Create once done.

    How to use Combin Scheduler for Instagram

Schedule a story through Combin Scheduler

  1. Select the account → click Stories on the left panel → click Add New Story at the bottom right.
  2. Now, select the image. You can add multiple stories.
    Note: You can’t add text, filters, or stickers to the image.
  3. Optional: Add a link in the bio.
  4. Set scheduling date and time.
  5. Click Create once done.

    Schedule a story through Combin Scheduler on Mac

How to schedule a repost through Combin Scheduler

  1. Select the account → click Post on the left panel → click Add New Post at the bottom right.
  2. Select Repost at the top next to Story.
  3. Now, add the link to post you want to repost.
  4. Similar to Post, add the necessary details.
  5. Click Create.

    How to schedule a repost through Combin Scheduler

Using this tool is pretty simple. And while it’s simple, the tool isn’t

Features of the Combin Scheduler

  • Scheduling Posts: The tool’s main purpose is to schedule posts and stories, and it does that right. It gives you control over the date and time and supports instant publishing.  
  • Automated Publishing: Schedule unlimited posts, stories, or even reposts, and the app will publish these posts at the set time.  
  • Edit Images: This refers to cropping the image sizes or rotating them. You do not get support for filters or post-processing of images.
  • Add Location: Combin Scheduler offers the option to add a location to posts similar to the native Instagram app.
  • Tag Accounts and add Hashtags: You can mention accounts using @ and their username. You can also add hashtags to the scheduled posts. However, the app won’t suggest hashtags.
  • First Comment: You run out of character space in the caption section on several occasions. That’s where the adding first comment feature comes to the rescue.
  • Add Link to Bio: Instagram does not allow sharing links in captions or post comments. The only way around this is to add links to the Bio section. Here’s an example of how this feature is extremely useful. Consider you’re a YouTuber and post images/thumbnails every time a new video goes live. You can also add the link to the video while scheduling the post. This option is available below the caption section.  
  • Bulk Stories Uploading: While scheduling a story at a given time, you can add multiple stories to be uploaded simultaneously.  
  • Repost: If you run a business and frequently collaborate with other brands, you will likely repost the collaboration posts. Combin Scheduler lets you schedule Reposts as well.
  • Custom Fonts: You get the option to change font style, and even make it bold or italic. An option that’s not available on Instagram at all.

What could have made it irresistible?

  1. An iPhone or Android app: Combin Scheduler is a nearly perfect tool, especially when you consider that it is free and supports Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu. But that’s where the first problem lies: you can access the tool only on a Mac or PC. If the developers could make an app for iPhone or Android, it would make Combin Scheduler more accessible.
  2. Support for video/reel scheduling: Another big shortcoming of Combin Scheduler is that it doesn’t allow you to schedule videos or reels. Seeing the growing popularity of videos format and how Instagram is promoting them more, this could have made the app perfect!
  3. Integration with multiple social channels: Lastly, if Combin Scheduler could integrate multiple social media platforms in one tool, it would be an all-in-one package for someone looking for a social media scheduler. But we cannot disregard that the tool is available for free. So, there’s not much one can complain about.

Is Combin Scheduler safe?

Some users face timeouts, bans, etc., from Instagram for using third-party tools, bots, etc. However, Combin Scheduler is not a bot; it is more of a tool that helps in automation. 

Using the Combin Growth tool might lead you to receive a permanent ban from Instagram, but the same cannot be said for Combin Scheduler.  


Value for money

Combin Scheduler is among the best Instagram scheduler tools available in the market. The icing on the cake is that the tool is available for free. So, suppose you’re looking to save time by automating posts and stories on Instagram. In that case, Combin Scheduler is the tool you’re looking for.


  • Schedule unlimited posts, stories, and reposts
  • Replace the link in Bio with every post
  • Completely free
  • Link multiple Instagram accounts
  • Upload multiple Stories in one go


  • Doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Can’t schedule videos and reels

Price: Free


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