If you tweak your Lockscreen using tweaks like LockFlavors, there’s a strong chance that the notification bulletins you get on the lockscreen look oddly out of place.

ColorfulBulletins is a new Cydia tweak that aims to change this facet of mismatching themes. Or at least, that’s how the effect seems to be.

ColorfulBulletins is a free tweak that is actually quite simple to use. Once enabled, you can tweak two things for all the notifications: color and transparency.

ColorfulBulletins Cydia Tweak

If you happen to look at the screenshots, you get an idea of how the tweak looks and works. The primary purpose, as is clear from the description, appears to be changing the color and transparency so the bulletins match with the theme/color of the clock and the slider.

For Winterboard theme developers, ColorfulBulletins should come as a welcome relief to be able to control the look of the notifications on the lockscreen. For users, the tweak is a simple way to make sure the notification bulletins do not look oddly out of place.

You can apply preset iOS colors to the bulletins or you can pick your own color (using custom color codes in RGB format). What really matters is the transparency: how you set this will define how well the colors blend with the existing theme of your Lockscreen. (Look at the various lockscreen themes that are available for jailbroken iPhones).

ColorfulBulletins works without Winterboard. It’s an independent tweak that can be enabled/disabled with a switch (we’re glad that more developers are opting for this switch instead of the typical respring).

ColorfulBulletins is a free tweak that is available on BigBoss. Try it out!