CodeMe: Not Just Another “Find Your Lost Stuff” Gadget


Update: CodeMe is no longer available. You might want to check out other alternatives like Lapa or Tile.

At the moment of writing this, CodeMe is a nascent project, yet to be funded fully, yet to begin shipping the product but there’s something genuinely good about it that I want it to be a success.

If you are familiar with Tile or Lapa, CodeMe is not much different in intention. While the former gadgets help you tag and keep track of your stuff, CodeMe’s stickers will let anyone “finding” your lost stuff return it to you easily, without any hassle.

But unlike Tile or Lapa or any of the countless other tracking-gadgets that we’ve seen, CodeMe is vastly different in how it works and the philosophy behind the project.

What’s CodeMe?

CodeMe is basically a QR-code printed sticker that can be glued to a lot of things: your smartphone, tablet, handbag, wallet, keychain, pets, cloths on a person and pretty much everything. The QR code contains your contact information (which is configured automatically when you purchase the stickers).

When a thing is lost, you hope that someone finds it, sees the CodeMe sticker and scans the QR code with their iPhone that runs a QR scanner app. Once they scan the code, they send a message via the app to you. Of course, your information remains totally anonymous. The finder just sends the message and CodeMe delivers it to you promptly.

Locate Lost Stuff with Codeme

There are a lot of things that have to come in place before CodeMe can become a success story and most of it depends on a lot of people using it. That’s one of the hardest barriers to cross.

At the back of CodeMe’s simplistic tech lies a profound humaneness – of helping others find their lost stuff. When you find a wallet tagged with a CodeMe QR code, you instantly scan it with your iPhone and send a message to the owner of the wallet that the item has been found and can be picked up from you.

CodeMe takes this act of kindness to the next level. If someone found your lost stuff and helped you get it back, you can actually reward them by sending a gift. It’s these little things that make CodeMe really great.

One of the best things about CodeMe is that it never runs out of “battery”. Unlike Tile (or Lapa), there are no limitations of time. Once you have the sticker, it stays for as long as it can withstand all the weather and exposure.

A set of seven different CodeMe stickers costs $14.95 which is less than what most other tagging gadgets cost. There are no other charges involved.

Check out  for more details about the interesting project.