Finally, all those rumors about a fingerprint sensor right under the home button appear to be true. Code in iOS 7 beta 4 appears to be quite revealing about Apple’s plans to include a fingerprint sensor under the home button.

Apple’s iPhone 5S features have been out in the open for quite sometime now and of the features that seemed dubious, fingerprint sensors was one.

We’ve seen quite a bunch of rumored leaks that have indicated various iPhone 5S specs at various points. For instance, more recently, there were leaks about dual LED flash and the expected A7 chip. A little earlier, there were also leaked photos of the logic board indicating a change in the connectors.

Code in iOS 7 Beta4 Reveals iPhone With Fingerprint Sensors Coming

As for the fingerprint sensor, there has only been consistent rumor from the analysts so far. While supply chain did specifically mention about it, confirming it was still far away.

Apple released iOS 7 beta4 for developers this week. With it, the usual routine of finding stuff inside the code happened. This lead to the revelation that Apple’s been actively coding fingerprint sensor-related code. But how does this indicate that iPhone 5S has fingerprint sensors?

iPhone With Fingerprint Sensors Hint

This comes via two interesting speculations.

First off, it’s said that Apple will release at least two more betas before we see the Gold Master (or the final). This means Apple could be looking to implement a refined fingerprint sensor tech in the next upgrade of iPhone which is iPhone 5S.

Secondly, numerous leaked reports have indicated that Apple has been working not just on patents and acquisitions of companies like AuthenTech but also actively working on creating prototypes and implementing the tech onto the iPhone 5S.

With that, we’ve got quite a bunch of iPhone 5S features on the charts right now. These include a powerful camera (possibly 8-13 MP?), A7 chip, fingerprint sensors which could also hint at possible NFC.