Clota is a simple tweak that closes tabs faster in Safari Mobile. Clota can be a useful – and at times, an indispensable – tweak for those who are still on iOS 6, who are power-users of Safari on their iPhones/iPads.

Clota works by adding actions to the ‘tabs’ icon on the bottom-right of mobile Safari.

Here’s how Clota Cydia Tweak works:

Once you install Clota, it gets enabled by default. The way it works is by using double-tap and triple-tap actions on the small tab icon in mobile Safari.

Clota Cydia Tweak for iPhone & iPad

Double-tap: When you double-tap the tab icon, all tabs are closed except the one you are on. It’s like the feature ‘Close All Other Tabs’ you find on Firefox or Chrome.

Triple-tap: When you triple-tap the tab icon, all tabs are closed including the one that is currently open. Basically, a total refresh where all tabs get purged.

When you open a lot of tabs in mobile Safari, it can get a little daunting to close them down. Most people don’t: they just let the tabs stay assuming that they’ll close it the next time. Over time, it does happen that all tabs get closed but how about being able to close tabs with a double-tap or a triple-tap?

That’s one of the things missing even in iOS 7 actually. You get to swipe to close tabs and that’s considerably faster but nothing is as fast as a single-action closing all tabs.

The best thing about Clota is that it’s free. It has a setting where you can disable the feature but I don’t think you’d want to disable it once you start using Clota.

Clota can be found on Cydia’s BigBoss. Try and let us know how useful it is.

  • modemjunkie

    I think so. I had installed and uninstalled it once before. So I think I will try to find another solution. Thanks.

  • modemjunkie

    Where is the tabs icon in Safari for iOS 6.x?

    • I’m not sure now (since it’s been so long since iOS 6 and this tweak)
      but I think Clota is triggered on the iPad when you double/triple tap on
      the ‘+’ icon in the tab view. If it crashes Safari on iPad 2, you
      should try re-installing the tweak. Since it’s so old, I think the
      developer might have abandoned it :(