It's not often that I want to hide parts of the Control Center or the context menu (when you select a word), but that's precisely what Cloaky lets you do. It's a strangely useful tweak which can hide a lot of things on iOS 7: things you don't really use or don't want to appear.

Cloaky can be used to customize the look of iOS 7: Control Center sections, status bar, icons in share sheet, etc. It's a simple tweak but with an overwhelming selection of things to enable/disable. Take a look at what's in store.

Hide and Customize iOS 7 Elements with Cloaky Cydia Tweak

Cloaky lets you control four sections of iOS 7 right now. I don't know if future updates will include other parts (are there even other parts to address?) but let's hope the dev does. The four sections are as follows:

  • Activity: This is the share-sheet, the activity sheet that opens when you tap on the share icon from within the app.
  • ControlCenter: The iOS 7's control center with toggles and controls.
  • Menu: The contextual menu that shows up when you select a text. (Copy, Cut, Paste etc.)
  • Statusbar: The statusbar elements can also be controlled with Cloaky

Cloaky Cydia Tweak to Hide and Customize A Lot of iOS 7 Elements

Activity brings you the entire gamut of options that fill the activity/share sheet. You have the ability to hide icons that you don't use. For instance, if you don't use Facebook or Twitter share at all, you might want to remove them from the share options. Cloaky lets you do that right from the tweak's settings.

Control Center is where it gets interesting. Although you cannot individually control the toggles or the shortcuts (you have Control Center Cydia tweaks [] for that), you can hide sections. For instance, you can hide/show the brightness slider, the media controls, the quick launch part etc. as shown below.

Cloaky Cydia Tweak

The Menu section lets you enable/disable parts of the contextual menu. I'm not quite sure how much of a useful feature or function this would be in terms of daily usage but you get to control quite a lot.

The Status bar is where it gets really interesting. There are a bunch of things you can not only hide but also tweak. For starters, you can configure the time format for the time on status bar. You can also configure the update interval for the time display.

The status bar shows icon indications for services that are on. Rotation-lock, DND, Bluetooth, Wifi, cellular, 3G and more. You can disable these icons (to save space on the status bar). Here's how it looks.

Hide Parts of iOS 7 Using Cloaky, A Cydia Tweak

Cloaky, for all its features, costs $1.00 on the BigBoss repo.

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