Clear is an amazing app for tasks. It has won rave reviews since the time it launched (and for design folks, even before that when the ideas were blogged about). The task is one of the foremost apps in creating the trend of gesture-intensive.

To add to the amazing gesture-based features, there's this new Cydia tweak which lets you add tasks in Clear with Activator actions, from anywhere.

Cleary lets you add Clear tasks from anywhere through any Activator gesture. It's like the perfect combination to Clear as an app and as an add-on.

Cleary Cydia Tweak

The thing I like about Cleary is that it lets you create tasks from anywhere without loading a lot of stuff. For the activator action/gesture, you don't have to keep the Clear app open at all.

Once you install Cleary, you just have to assign an Activator shortcut via Activator. No settings to configure, nothing to change or activate. You just open Activator, choose a gesture shortcut and apply it for Cleary.

Cleary won't work without Clear, which is kind of obvious.

For those who are thinking of what Clear is and if it's really useful, Clear is one of the few powerful and simple task managers which are intuitive to use if you like gesture-based actions.

We recently posted about WhatsAtor which works in a similar fashion for WhatsApp. There are also several tweaks like biteSMS which allow you to compose new messages from anywhere via Activator gestures. It's interesting how one tweak, the Activator, actually supports the building of some really amazing tweaks like Cleary and WhatsAtor and several others.

Cleary is free on BigBoss repo.