Android guys have it easy: clearing out unused space from the RAM and other places in the smartphone is child’s play for them. iPhone users, however, do not have that freedom.

But if you use a jailbroken iPhone, you might be lucky. There’s this tweak called Cleaner Pro which works great in flushing out space so that you get more CPU performance as there’s more free space.

Cleaner Pro in its second version is a beautiful incarnation. First off, I love the interface. There are basically two controls for you: a Quick clean button and a Deep Clean button. The names are self-explanatory of the functions.

Cleanerpro Cydia Tweak

Cleaner Pro actually gives you real-time information about what’s happening in your system. From active and inactive spaces you get an idea of how much space is being used by the apps running on the iPhone and yes, that includes Cleaner Pro too.

Cleaner Pro also displays the free space you have on the RAM so that can actually give you an idea of how many more apps you can run and what type of apps can be run without causing a jam.

The most impressive feature about Cleaner Pro is that it can work very fast and very good. While the developer says that about 40% more free space can be gained by using Cleaner Pro, I’ve seen up to 30%-35% increase in the free space. And since I’ve got a bunch of apps running, this is a really good thing.

Also, it happens very fast. The Quick Clean usually takes about 5-6 seconds and the Deep Clean, depending on the number of apps running and the amount of free space previously available, can take up to twice the amount of time that Quick Clean does.

I tried running the app in various scenarios: few apps running, a lot of performance-intensive apps running etc., The tweak worked without any problem and it actually worked good. I guess this will be very handy and useful when I want to run performance-intensive games.

Cleaner Pro is free on the BigBoss.

  • Christopher Ava

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  • Sam Tomy

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