Clashot iPhone App Review: Get Paid to Publish Interesting Photos

What if you could click photos on your iPhone, add some filters to make it look stunning and then, as if by sheer magic, get paid to do all of that?

May be it sounds too good to be true and if I put it that way, it sure is. But there’s this app called Clashot which – after a long examination under the scanner – turns out to be exactly the kind of an app that amateur photographers can use to earn some pocket money or if you’re serious enough, a side income.

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Clashot iPhone App, developed by works on a simple principle: publishers are ready to pay for photos that are relevant to them. We’re mostly talking about photos of events happening in and around the globe. Since not every publishing agency has got their reporter on ground at all places, they switch to buying photos from people who’ve been there and clicked some photos.

Clashot makes sure your photos get listed and publishers who see them and want to buy them can do so easily. It’s a clear win-win and the rewards are pretty good.

A Fully Featured App

The Clashot app is much like Instagram with filters and all. But unlike most other photo apps on the store, it’s more of a reporting tool. It’s like you click a photo, add filters and then attach it to a report that you’ll upload to your account.

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The app has been designed with consistency and usability in focus.

An editorial team approves your photos after you’ve filed them and they get hosted on Depositphotos, web’s leading royalty-free photo stock website. Depositphotos has some of the most popular publishers paying for stock photos from the website.

Getting Paid for Doing Something Simple. Is It Really Simple?

How Clashot iPhone App Works
How Clashot iPhone App Works

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Clashot sure makes it all sound very simple and frankly, the process has been made as simple as possible. Your job is just to click photos of events and then put them up for approval. Once they get approved, they’re listed for sale on the website.

Stock photos are used a lot by a lot of people. Media agencies, designers, ad agencies, ad networks and a plethora of other people buy relevant stock photos. News agencies often get their stocks outsourced and there’s a big chance of your photos getting bought if you clicked photos of the right moment at the right time.

However, one small heads-up: don’t expect to immediately rake in a lot of money after you start using the app. The key here is to be active, consistent and produce quality work. There is a little social element to the app which you can – and must – use in order to increase your chances of selling your photos.

Clashot is a great app and even if you’re not exactly looking to become a millionaire through the app, it’s a good app to click great photos. And best of it, everything’s free; the app, the service, everything.

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Dhvanesh Adhiya
Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.



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