Circa: Catching Up With News Can’t Get Better & Easier [iPhone App Review]


As a tech blogger, we get to follow a plethora of news through sources that are as varied and as exhaustive as you can imagine. We live in a world where is the norm. You read stories from all across the web: Facebook, Twitter, news websites, news readers and more.

It’s hard catching up with news outside “our” world and even when you stick to one source, things aren’t very easy. It can get hard when you try to catch up on news around the globe.

That’s why, when Circa has launched about a year ago, I was excited.

Circa launched way back in late 2012 – October if my memory serves me right. The iPhone app was kickass smooth and much more important than that, the news came in chunks: that’s what I wanted. Over time, Circa has helped me stay on top of the news loop without having to actually be overwhelmed with information overload.

Circa iPhone App

One year in, Circa is planning to launch an app for Android and update the existing app for iOS 7. The app is perfect as it is but I’m also excited to see what new changes come in with the iOS 7 version.

Circa iPhone News App

Circa is one of those rare content curation services which became hugely popular. The basic format of Circa’s storytelling is simple and straightforward:

  • Circa’s editors curate news from various sources
  • Then, they summarize the news into chronological chunks of information that you can read in points.
  • The best part is what happens to every news headline: as news develops around a particular issue, more chunks are added to the existing news. When you favorite/follow a news, you will stay on top of the latest happening around that particular issue.

That’s about the curation side of Circa. As described by Circa, it’s not summarization and I agree with that. It’s more of a news reporting that builds.

Circa News App for iPhone

When you want to go deeper into a news story, you have citations that will take you to the sources Circa’s editors used to curate the news story. More often than not, you get the crucial chunk of information right within Circa’s story buds.

Circa’s interface is amazing too. The smooth flow that carries over between various parts of the app is a real pleasure. Share options are designed to make sharing sensible and valuable to others.

The USP is that if you’re looking to catch up with news fast and easy, Circa is a must-have. It’s a free app.

Download Circa