Five Customized Christmas iPhone 5/5s Cases for Gift Ideas

Well, Christmas is a long time from now but as the saying goes, time flies. But when it’s time for Christmas, it’s time for gift ideas too. Picking up the best Christmas gift is one of the most toughest things you could ever do in your life and it keeps repeating every year. But then, hey, that’s what the spirit is all about.

We have been taking a look at iPhone 5 cases of all possible varieties on our blog and I thought may be a case would be a great idea after all! If your friend has an iPhone 5/5s (or is about to buy one for Christmas), a case to go with it would be amazing right? After all, keeping the smartphone safe is on everyone’s mind and a good case would solve that purpose very well.

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Customized Christmas iPhone 5-5s Cases

5 Customized Christmas Cases for iPhone 5 and 5s from Zazzle

1. Case Mate – Santa Claus Winks

Jolly Santa Claus Winking iPhone 5 Cases

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The Jolly Santa Claus Winking iPhone 5/5s case looks every bit vintage. It’s a classic print on a sturdy, flexible and great case that fits right on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. It comes from Case Mate (and a third-party which provides the designed case), so there’s absolutely nothing to suspect about the quality.

Case Mate Barely There: $43.95
Case Mate Vibe: $49.50
Buy Santa Claus Winking Case

2. Vintage Christmas Case with Decorative Border

Vintage Christmas iPhone 5 Case

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How about a richly decorated case from Case Mate that has a vintage style font that beams with the worlds “Merry Christmas”? Seems like the perfect gift for your friend? Again, this is a Case Mate case which comes as one of the finest light-weight cases ever with the best protection.

Price: $43.95 / $49.50
Buy Vintage Christmas iPhone 5/5s Case

3. White Snowflake Christmas Case

White Snowflake Christmas iPhone 5 Case

Christmas and snow go hand-in-hand. And when it comes to snow, nothing is more pristine and magical than the snowflakes. A pure white snowflake set on a glittery red background is what this case is all about. It’s simple but it’s cool.

Price: $46.00
Buy White Snowflake Christmas Case

4. Winter Snowman Case

Winter Snowman iPhone 5 Case

The white snowman set on a red background of Merry Christmas is one of the simplest but most beautiful iPhone 5/5s cases we’ve seen on sale. The thing about this listing is that you can edit the background image if needed. The case comes through Case Mate’s Barely Three series which gives you a very thin, slim and light-weight case. But needless to say, the protection is quite excellent.

Price: $39.95
Buy Winter Snowman Case

5. Custom Bamboo Case

Grove Custom Bamboo iPhone 5 Case

If you’re really serious about gifting something really special and unique, the Grove Bamboo iPhone 5/5s case would be amazing. There are tons of cases (pick some of our favorites too!) and you can get the best ones but having a custom-made case sounds amazingly great, right? Sure it’s a bit pricey but if it’s for gifting someone, it’s surely worth it!

Price: $129
Buy Custom Bamboo Case

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What about your Christmas gift ideas? It’s the iPhone 5 season too so something that adds to the smartphone’s function would be great. What’s your say?

Jignesh Padhiyar
Jignesh Padhiyar is the founder of who has a keen eye for news, rumors and all the unusual stuff that happens around iPhone and iPad.


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