Cheap cases aren't really recommended for a costly smartphone like the iPhone 5 but then, if you're looking for a short-term solution for an immediate requirement, iPhone 5/5s cases under $10 and $5 are readily available.

Here are some really cheap but good-quality iPhone 5/5s cases that offer a decent level of protection. Remember, these are not built for long-lasting durability but they are good enough as a stop-gap solution.

Important: The products described below are sold at a discounted price on Amazon. When stocks run out, Amazon may pull out the listing. Please look for the same products on Amazon in case the links point to sold-out products.

Cheap Cases for iPhone 5s5 Cheap But Worth Buying iPhone 5/5s Cases

#1. Anker Glaze

Anker Glaze iPhone 5 CaseAnker Glaze is a very popular case. The actual price of the case is $19.99 but for a limited time, the iPhone 5 case is being sold for a deadpan price: $3.99. Of course you'll have to hurry.

The Anker Glaze is a $20-iPhone 5 case which might give you an idea of how good the quality actually is. It's a highly reviewed case and sells quite good. The material is TPU body with a protective polycarbonate frame. It adds to the durability and impact-resistance of the case.

Price: $3.99
Buy Anker Glaze

#2. Monoprice Sure Fit Polycarbonate Cases

Monoprice Sure Fit Polycarbonate CasesMonoprice products are known for their cheap price tags. People often associate cheapness with low quality but Monoprice products have disproved this often. They have also entered the iPhone 5 case industry with their own cheap iPhone 5 case.

Monoprice iPhone 5 cases are a no-stylish affair: they serve just the core purpose of a simple case. The Monoprice iPhone 5 cases range from $4 and go up to $10. There are a lot of options and colors to pick from. And the quality is decent and good enough.

Price: $6.67 and Upwards
Buy Monoprice

#3. Photive Hybrid Bumper Case

Photive Hybrid Bumper Case for iPhone 5

The Photive Hybrid Bumper case is one of the finest cases in the under $10 category. These cases are pretty good with high-quality polycarbonate that adds a very good level of durability and sturdiness to the case. This is one of the very best affordable iPhone 5 cases you can get your hands on.

Price: $9.95
Buy Photive Hybrid Bumper case

#4. Ionic Impression

Ionic Impression iPhone 5 Case

If you're looking for a professional-looking case under a tight budget, the Ionic Impression iPhone 5 case serves as a very good solution. The Ionic Impression case also comes with an extra pocket to carry your credit-card and has four color options to choose from. At under $7, the case looks quite good and has garnered good reviews too.

Price: $6.85
Buy Ionic Impression

#5. Chrome Carbon FiberChrome Carbon Fiber iPhone 5 CaseCarbon fiber cases are thin, light-weight but quite strong. The chrome design makes it look ultra-professional and slick. While the case might be very light, it's quite durable and naturally, protects your iPhone 5 well.

Bevels protect the screen from accidental scratches when you keep the smartphone face down. The case has a very sleek design to add to the “looks.”

Price: $10
Buy Chrome Carbon Fiber

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