Charge Your iPhone/iPad Faster [Almost Half The Time] with SONICable

Update: Many buyers are complaining that SONICable is not working well as described in campaign page. Moreover, the company, is not responding to customer queries on Facebook page and Twitter. It seems like a fraud. Hence, we do not recommend our users to buy this product.

Nowadays ideal Smartphone, including the iPhone, comes with a larger, high-resolution screen, top of the line camera and other advanced components that consume too much power. This is the reason they have bigger batteries. At the end of the day every iPhone/iPad user struggles to extract extra battery life and yearns for a technology that can extend battery life. However, this is easier said than done due to various real-time impediments. A bigger battery brings with the inconvenient issue of longer charging times, unbearably time-consuming, particularly if you charge your iPhone or iPad via a PC.

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Charge iPhone and iPad Faster with SONICable

There are some ways to overcome the poor battery life like software tweaks, using portable external battery packs, etc. SONICable offers an interesting solution to this battery life problem. This company, based on a crowd-funded project on Indiegogo, is launching its new charging cable that they claim can charge the iPhone and iPad devices quicker than before. According to the company, the SONICable guarantees to charge your iPhone or iPad in just half the time of usual charging period. They term the product as “world’s most advanced cable.”

What is SONICable and how it charges faster?

How Does the SONICable Charge iPhone and iPad Faster

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SONICable comes with a lightning connector or micro USB connector and a unique switch called Sonic Switch to optimize the charging capability. Generally any cable that charges your device is built in a specific way to let you charge the battery and synchronize data. But, the synchronizing process takes away a subsequent amount of power. What SONICable does is, through this special switch allows you to preferably disable the synchronizing process. Therefore, the cable charges your device at maximum power. You can just charge your device or choose to charge and sync the data.

Does the SONICable deliver?

The charging process of an iPhone or iPad with a PC USB ports is always dreadfully slow as they are restricted to 500 mA. So, when the device holds a comparatively bigger battery, naturally it takes a lot of time to charge it this way. But, SONICable can deliver a charge of up to 1A maximum, thereby theoretically reducing the charging time to half.

Is the SONICable durable?

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SONICable for iPhone and iPad

The SONICable comes with a two-sided USB port. The connectors are made of durable aluminum with a nylon covering. The biggest draw of the cable is that it is user-friendly and appears to be fairly robust than many other charging cables. This is mainly because you can plug the full-size USB end in both ways in a USB slot or a charger. It is a normal USB and not a USB 3.1 Type-C connector, designed to function accordingly. The SONICable is Apple MFI certified and comes with a lifetime warranty and comes in two different colors.

Right now the SONICable is not available directly, as it is a crowd-funded project. But, sources reveal that it is said to ship somewhere in March 2015.

Visit their campaign page for more information.

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