Cydia tweaks let iPhone owners customize their device in accordance with their taste. Whether it is Notification Center, Lockscreen, Springboard, the jailbreak tweaks have the mastery of bringing customized effects into them. That’s why many folks can’t resist from trying a nice tweak every time it forays into action.

Alkaline Cydia tweak was hugely popular in iOS 7. And the good news is that it also works well with iOS 8. Folks loved using this jailbreak tweak as it provided them a fascinating experience of personalizing their iPhone.

Alkaline Cydia Tweak for iOS 8Alkaline Cydia tweak enables you to customize the battery icon of your iPhone. With the pre-defined themes to boot, this tweak adds a cool feature to your iPhone’s battery icon. If personalizing your stuff gives you joy, then Alkaline should hit you off. Head over to find out more about this tweak.

Three Themes to Choose From
Alkaline comes with three themes-Bolus, Spots and Habesha. By default, Bolus is enabled. All the three themes bring different appearance to the battery icon. Depending on your interest, you can set any of the themes. This tweak provides option to change the theme from the Settings app.

Bolus Theme

Alkaline Cydia Tweak Bolus ThemeHebesha Theme
Alkaline Cydia Tweak Habesha ThemeSpots Theme
Alkaline Cydia Tweak Spots ThemeRe-Spring Required
There are many jailbreak tweaks which require re-spring and Alkaline is no exception to it. Therefore, every time you configure this tweak from the Settings app, you would have to wait a little while before the changes take effect.

Frankly speaking, pesky re-spring is the only con with Alkaline. Had it been not there, users would have liked this tweak even more.

Kill Switch For Enable or Disable
This tweak is enabled by default. However, it has a kill switch at the top of its preferences pane which you can use to enable or disable its effect as per use.

Designed To Customize Your iPhone’s Battery Icon
If customizing the appearance of the battery icon is what you are hooked about, this tweak can entice you. We have installed it and from what we have experienced, it works as advertised. There is no bug to take the sheen away from it. Just install it and it is ready to go. That’s how easily it works.

Compatible With Both iOS 7 and iOS 8
Alkaline is compatible with both iOS 7 and 8. So if you had been waiting for it to arrive on iOS 8, it’s there for you to install. Considering how popular Alkaline was for iOS 7, there must be many folks who would like to use it on the latest version of iOS.

Available From ModMyi Repo For Free
Alkaline is available from ModMyi repo for free. Do try it out and share your experience to us.

  • Agneev

    Please tell me the names of all the themes

  • Heaven

    How on earth can you make your own? All the themes I find are hideous or not symmetrical or are just shoddily made. Please please please how on earth do you make your own???

    • I remember reading that you could just replace the images in one of the
      existing themes with your own. You will have to use iFile to check where
      the glyphs get saved. This was a long time ago so I don’t exactly know
      where it is.