How does an automatically-changing wallpaper sound? Although we’re not yet at a point where you decide what wallpapers show up, you can at least get random wallpapers from Tumblr (based on tags) and set them as the wallpaper of your iPhone. The best thing is, it keeps changing periodically.

Periodically-changing random wallpaper is something that a lot of people use on their laptops and Macs/PCs. It’s a pleasure watching those amazing wallpapers show up on large displays and randomness just adds to the excitement.

What if you could replicate all that on your iPhone? After all, most of the time, we just set and forget the wallpapers because it’s boring. And it’s boring precisely because there’s no variety.

Wallpaper Cyclr Cydia Tweak

A new Cydia tweak called Wallpaper Cyclr by Brian Cooper is set to change everything.

What it does is this:

  • You specify a few tags. The tweak takes these tags and searches tumblr for images based on these tags.
  • Based on how often you want the wallpaper to be cycled, the tweak will search and pick an image. And force-change the wallpaper.

This is all the tweak does. It’s not fancy, it doesn’t come with too many handles to tinker with. You just set the tags and let the tweak do the trick.

Testing the tweak, the first thing I feared was a battery backlash. That didn’t happen. So far, the tweak’s working just great and doesn’t seem to have much of an impact on the battery.

There are a ton of wallpaper tweaks out there and I’m sure Wallpaper Cyclr will find its spot somewhere on top. It has been implemented well. The developer has designed and developed the tweak to have all the necessary functions and configurable features. The tweak does make use of data albeit only when it’s required. You can also download the current wallpaper by opening it in Mobile Safari. There’s an option for that too. Lower the frequency of cycling, the better for your iPhone.

Wallpaper Cyclr is on BigBoss and costs $0.99.