How to Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically in iOS 14

How to Change iPhone and iPad Wallpaper Automatically

The latest iOS 14.3 offers a nifty way to change your iPhone wallpaper automatically whenever you want to. It makes use of the Shortcuts app, and although the initial setup process involves multiple steps, it makes life easier. You’ll never get bored of looking at the same wallpaper again and won’t have to go to the effort of switching it manually. The following steps will show you how to use the Shortcuts app to automate changing the wallpaper of your iPhone.

How to Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically Using Shortcuts

Add Your Favorite Wallpapers to a Photos Album

  1. Go to Photos and tap on Library at the bottom. Then hit Select at the top of the screen and pick all the photos you want to add to your Wallpapers folder. 
  2. Tap the Share icon and select Add to Album
  3. Select New Album, type in a name for it, and hit Save.Go to Photos and select photos to add to Wallpapers folder on iPhone

Your selected photos will now be in the newly created folder. The next step is to create a Shortcut that will change your wallpaper. 

Create Shortcuts to Change iPhone Wallpaper Automatically

  1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap on the + icon at the top right. 
  2. Search for Find Photo and tap on the option when it appears.
  3. Tap on Add Filter.In Shortcuts app search for Find Photo and tap on Add Filter on iPhone
  4. Tap Recents next to Album is and then select the Wallpapers album you created above.
  5. Tap on Sort By and select Random to make your device randomize the wallpapers.Tap on Recents and select the Wallpapers then Sort it by Random on iPhone
  6. Toggle ON Limit and set Get Item to 1 so that only one image is displayed at a time.
  7. Tap on the + icon, search for Set Wallpaper and select the option when it appears. Choose whether you want to change the wallpapers for the Home screen, Lock screen, or both.
  8. Tap Show More and toggle OFF Show Preview.Toggle ON Limit and set Get Item to 1 then search for Set Wallpaper on iPhone
  9. Tap Next and then give your Shortcut a name. Then, you’ll be able to see it in the Shortcuts app.Give your Shortcut a name and it will be in Shortcuts on iPhone

The next phase is to automate your Shortcut so that it can switch the wallpaper depending on when you want it to without any. Here’s what to do: 

Automate your Shortcuts to Change your iPhone Wallpaper Daily

  1. In the Shortcuts app, tap on Automation at the bottom.
  2. Select Create Personal Automation.
  3. Here you will see a range of options of when you can make the automation run. For this tutorial, to automatically change your wallpaper at a specific time, tap on Time of Day.
  4. Now you can select Sunrise, Sunset, or a custom time of day. We have picked Sunrise.
  5. Set it to repeat Daily so that your wallpaper changes every day with the sun. Then, click Next.In the Shortcuts app Create Personal Automation and tap Time of Day on iPhone
  6. Tap Add Action.
  7. Search for Run Shortcut and select the option when it appears.Tap Add Action and search for Run Shortcut on iPhone
  8. Next to Run, tap on Shortcut and select the Wallpaper shortcut you created above.
  9. Tap on Next and then toggle OFF the option for Ask Before Running. Tap Done.Tap on Shortcut and select created Wallpaper shortcut then toggle OFF option for Ask Before Running

Now, your iPhone or iPad will automatically change the wallpaper at the specified time each day by running the automated shortcut. You will also get a notification about it each time the Shortcut runs. 

To turn off these notifications, go to SettingsScreen TimeSee All Activity.  Scroll down to Notifications. Tap on Show More and then select Shortcuts. Then toggle off Allow Notifications

Use Shortcuts to Change iPhone Wallpaper Daily

You can also achieve the automatic change of wallpaper by downloading and running third party shortcuts if you like. But we think this built-in method is far easier and efficient. What do you think? Have you tried it yet? Let us know in the comments and if you run into problems, ask away, and we’ll be sure to get back to you. You might also like to read about how to share Shortcuts.


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